Yesterday marked the fifth month since our beloved Pastor Chuck Obremski went home to be with the Lord. While I still miss him greatly…I find that as time has passes by…that it’s not as painful when I hear some of his old sermons.

At first…hearing a CD of Chuck’s was both comforting and painful. Comforting to know that Chuck was no longer suffering from the devastating effects of cancer…and that his body has been made whole. Comforting to know that he is now in heaven with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Also it was wonderful to have a library of great Bible teaching that Chuck had left behind.

But it was also somewhat painful. Painful when listening to the CD’s of Chuck preaching after he had gotten sick. And a bit sorrowful in knowing that until I get to heaven…I won’t hear new sermon from Chuck. But by golly since he has a head start…and has met our Lord Jesus Christ and knows first hand the Disciples and the people of the Bible…both Old Testament and New…I’m expecting one heck of a sermon. With maybe even a guest present who actually lived out that passage of scripture.

I am grateful to God for so much. I’m grateful to have witnessed God’s hand upon this man and strengthening him and enabling him to do His will and teach His word. I thank God for the example I saw before me in which a man of God…remained strong and unwavering in his faith…through the power and strength of the Lord during desperate and trying circumstances.

Seeing God work in the life of Chuck was amazing…and seeing it first hand…makes giving out God’s Word to those in need so very easy. I was able to see what a difference Jesus Christ made in the life of a man committed and obedient to God and His will for his life. So it’s exciting and I know with confidence that I am handing God’s word and I know it has and can make a difference in the lives of those in need. Be it someone who has not yet received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior…or a fellow Christian who is in need of encouragement and strengthening from God’s word…it’s wonderful to hand out those CD’s.

God has raised up our church, sustained it, comforted and enabled us each step along the way. Giving out CD’s has been made possible in part because of the commitment of the Elders at Kindred Community Church and the Obremski family…and also the tremendous work by the Audio Ministry who tirelessly to make sure CD’s have been copied, sent out and are ready for people to pick-up each Sunday.

If you are interested in availing yourself of any CD’s…please click on the link to Kindred Community Church…and take advantage of some great Bible teaching.

May God bless you and strengthen you in the coming week. May His word fill your heart and mind and enable you to walk a steady, unwavering path and bring glory to His precious name…Jesus Christ.

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