Danke Schōn, Grazie, Merci, Mahalo Nui, Thank You!

Kind of expecting a nothing much, nothing special kind of birthday. You know what it’s like…as you get older and when you are single…it kind of becomes “just another day”.

But my expectations were proved incorrect when I got a call yesterday. I had taken a couple of days off from work to deal with all the things I let slide in my way to busy life. While I was cleaning away, Veronica called me to let me know that bouquet was delivered for me at work. She raved at how pretty it was…a big spring bouquet with an assortment of beautiful flowers. Then she read me the note with birthday greetings from my sister Denise…hubby Pete and the Silvestri family Alyssa, Travis and Reed.

So as soon as my house was presentable…I slipped over to work and picked up this lovely, gorgeous bouquet. And indeed…as you can see from the pictures above…Veronica accurately describe this lovely birthday surprise. My heartfelt thanks to the Silvestri family.

In the mailbox await birthday greeting my friend Margaret. Always one to let me know she loves me. She even enclosed a special note about the sweetheart of my dreams…the gentlemen whom I daily pray for.

Thanks Miss Margaret…you are always close to my heart…and in my thoughts daily!

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