One thought on “Let’s Pretend…as told by Chuck Obremski

  1. i too saw the news clip, and although i am not a christian, i have read the bible and from what i gather you arent supposed to hate or discriminate anyone. aside from religious veiws, its simply evil to protest a funeral. especially if these people that died, died for the ones saying thank god they are dead. these people are merely sheep raised with what they believe to be true, including shirly herself, so in turn they dont know any better. obviously at this point they have been too brainwashed to be told any different. people on the brink of fundementalism can rarely be told anything they do is wrong. could you have told hitler it was wrong to hate jews? no. just as you cannot tell the wbc that shunning the soldiers that are giving there lives to save them is wrong. im sorry, if i keep typing ill be going forever, i just thought id drop in my two cents. its only right that these occurances be talked about, granted my opinion is a little biast (i have friends in iraq now) never the less, no person should be hating for trying to help and save their country. thanks for reading, -vanessa

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