Chuck Obremski – Trusting God in the Fire

Chuck Obremski “Chaplain Runs the Longest Mile Home”

Randy Clark from TBN recently posted this video clip from an interview that he did with my beloved former Pastor Chuck Obremski. He conducted the interview shortly before Chuck died and went to be with Jesus in heaven. (Please click on the above link to watch the interview.)

When I listen to this interview…I’m reminded about what made Chuck’s testimony and witness so powerful. It was the words of a man who had preached God’s word for over 20 years…now living it out…to the end of his life what he had preached, taught and believed with all his heart, mind, soul and strength.

In the crunch time…in the fiery furnace…through the power and strength of the Lord…he chose to trust God. Trust His character, believe His promises revealed in His Word, that God has a purpose and plan and that He is working all things together for good.

That did not come about by happenstance…but instead came about through study of God’s Word over many years.

When I look at other men and women whom I admire greatly…I see that same characteristic and action. Knowing God intimately through daily study and reading of His Word.

Dare I do the same?

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