Gollum and Sam’s Response

Please check out the website of Curious Servant’s website at Job’s Tale and his piece “Smeagol & Gollum”.

Let me forewarn you…it’s thought provoking, challenging and you will likely be moved. Below are the comments I left in response to reading this most recent post.

Dear Curious Servant,

Powerful…very powerful.

I find I am like Sam…my first desire and instinct is to throw Gollum over the cliff…seeing the ugliness and evil and wanting to be done with it.

Yet there is a part of me…that also sees a thread, a remnant or promise of the good. I want to trust that…I want to believe in that too. To see that and believe that…is to have an eternal vision…and a long distance view.

It is only through the power of God…and through His strength and love within me that I am able to choose the later and not the former.

Wonderful piece. Very thought provoking…deep with many layers. Makes me want to pull out my Lord of the Rings videos…and watch them again. Or better yet also read the books again.

Thank you so much.

Lord bless…Susan

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