3/12/07 At the End of the Day…Fatigue Doth Make Zombies of Us All

I’ll tell you…four to five hours of sleep each night just doesn’t cut it. Tired is the order of the day…from my waking moment to the time head hits the pillow. If I dare slow down during the day…and have a few moments of quite…I’ll try to sneak in a catnap. The good news it…I seldom have a hard time falling asleep. Within seconds of my head resting on the pillow…I’m fast asleep. It also forces me to take good notes when listening to a sermon or a lecture. If I don’t…I’ll be nodding off. It’s absolutely no reflection on the speaker…but the hearer instead.

It seems as if there are just not enough hours in the day. I’m not one to waste time in front of the TV or spend endless hours chatting on the phone. I don’t sit around popping bonbons and watching Oprah all day. But some days I’d be hard pressed to tell you exactly what I did.

Insufficient sleep impacts my ability to focus. Something as simple as responding to an e-mail or deciding where to go for lunch…or completing a chore seems quite daunting. Lack of sleep impacts my mood. I’m more touchy…and feel like I don’t have the emotional resources to deal with people or situations.

I’m not even sure what changes I need to make…I just know I can’t keep going this way.

I pray that God will reveal to me…what I need to say “no” to and how I need to reprioritize and reorganize my schedule and my life…so I can better focus on that which essential and of eternal value.

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