Hand It Over

Hand it over…Preacher boy,
Step away from the Gospel.

That’s good…now make them believe,
It’s their character,
Their righteousness that saves them,
Not the righteousness of Christ.

Never let them know the truth,
That there is no one righteous, no not one,
That their salvation was bought and paid for,
Through the blood of Jesus when He died on the cross.

Make them believe,
The wisdom of men,
Which speaks of works righteousness,
Not the holy, perfect, acceptable sacrifice of Christ Jesus alone.

Let them hear stories,
Instead be inspired by heroes and stories of men,
Hush…they needn’t know the truth,
That the Word of God alone can heal their broken lives.

Perhaps there is one not yet saved,
Who does not yet know the power of the Holy Spirit,
Of One who convicts men of sin,
Or the One who can transform their lives…by His power within.

Let them rest comfortably,
Seeking integrity in the eyes of men,
Share not the Gospel message, no nary a word,
Lest they be saved…a new creation in Christ

Good work,
Job well done…
Christ was not mentioned,
Not a whisper of promised assurance…forgiveness of their sin.

Preacher man…do not loose heart,
Nor feel you’ve betrayed,
The Gospel of Christ,
To a world not yet saved.

Insincerely yours,
The enemy!

By Susan Bunts
July 1, 2007

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