All In All

The last week or two has been a very busy time…and I’ve not been able to sit down and put my fingers to the keyboard. Lots of things were happening…so I feel filled to the brim and overflowing with thoughts and emotions.

Two weeks ago I started in my new role at work. It feels very odd to be the rookie…and not know the job or the people. Although I stayed within the company…it’s a whole new area of the business and I’m starting at square one. Learning from the ground up. I’m anxious and chomping at the bit to learn and be productive. I’m assured within a few weeks…I’ll be very busy…but for the time being things are starting out slow.

All in all that worked out okay because a week after starting my new job…I had to have cataract surgery. This was the second cataract surgery I’ve had…this time on the right eye. I was off for a couple of days…and was able to return back to work on Wednesday.

It’s rather amazing when you think of it. I had surgery on my eye and was able to return to work after a day’s rest. I can tell I’m getting older because this time…I felt quite tired for several days afterwards. Since the pace at work…is still slow that didn’t cause a problem.

Even though it’s unusual for someone in their 40’s to have cataracts…I’ve come to believe that it’s not such a bad thing to have surgery at this age. In talking to others who are older and have had the same surgery…they had complications or didn’t heal as quickly. All in all…my surgery, recovery and healing have gone very well…thank you Lord!

With my new job…I get to go into work an hour later…which means I can now take my full one hour walk before work. What a difference that makes. I feel better, less stressed. Even though I have a longer commute now that we’ve moved to our new offices…I invest my time well by listening to CDs….mostly Bible study CDs.

Talk about God bringing you the right message at the right time. A few weeks ago…I started listening to Beth Moore’s “Fruit of the Spirit” Bible study. It seemed like each lesson was something I needed to apply that day. God really ministered to my spirit in His perfect timing.

The week I was facing some blatant rejection I was taught about love. Beth Moore taught in the fruit of the spirit on love…that “love never fails”. Or to be more precise love never falls to the ground. If we act and respond in love…and that love is rejected…Jesus is there to catch it. It doesn’t fall to the ground, He see, He cares and catches it. It does matter to Jesus…we matter to Jesus.

I’m reminded at such a time…that if God is for me…who can be against me? Will I encounter people who will oppose me? Most assuredly…as we all do. But in comparison to the love and acceptance from my Lord and Savior…man’s rejection pales in comparison. As the Apostle Paul taught us…it doesn’t even tip the scales in comparison to the eternal rewards and the love of my God and Savior Jesus Christ.

It matters less who I am compared to whose I am. Since I was bought and paid for by the blood of Christ Jesus on the cross….I am called to respond rightly…even when faced with rejection. When I do so…God can use that to plant seeds that will come to fruition in His perfect timing. If I fail to do so…and act out of my flesh…I will be giving the enemy material to work with. I hate letting my enemies win! May it never be!

If I’m to be strong…I need to be strong in the Lord and not rely on my own strength and wisdom.

“Be strong in the Lord and the strength of His might.” – Ephesians 6:10

Now that is a prescription for success…and for perseverance and steadfastness.

Each day while driving to work…I’d put in a new CD. Sometimes listening to the same CD a couple of times. I don’t mind telling you…that the tears have flowed a number of times. But all in all they were tears of release…renewal, refreshing and cleansing.

My precious friend Ruth has lent me the DVDs for this same study…and as much as I love listening to the CDs…watching the DVDs makes the study more personal and intimate. This is one Bible study that I will be revisiting again and again.

One of the things I don’t like is when I finish up a good Bible study or book. I don’t like because I miss it…it’s become a part of my life. Also because I have a hard time deciding what I should move on to next. But this time…I felt God’s leading to a very specific study by Beth Moore called “Breaking Free”. Just started it today…and I look forward to what God will teach me and how He will reveal Himself, minister to me and meet me right where I am at.

I remember when I first heard Beth Moore speaking. Ruth had spoken highly of her teaching so I listened. I could tell that she was a good teacher…but I just didn’t connect with her then. I even read her book “Believing God”. But when I revisited Beth’s teachings later…suddenly there was that connection. It was through her new book “Get Out of that Pit” that I would connect. Beth was one of the people whom God would use to reach out to me at this season of my life. So now I’m feasting on the word of God through this wonderful teacher…who is still relatively new to me. So I have much to discover and look forward to this part of the adventure.

What I love about Beth is her excitement and passion for God, for His Word and her love for people. I love her transparency. She isn’t afraid to share from deep inside…the good, the bad, the silly and the serious. Things that we’ve all felt inside to varying degrees…but maybe we aren’t brave enough…(or is it foolish enough?)…to speak out. But not Beth. She is brave, open and transparent…and I get to benefit as God uses this precious woman to touch my life with His love and give me a sneak peek at His wonderful plans that He has for my life.

It seems like it’s been an eventful time in many respects. It’s been an emotional time…even more so as I reflect back on the past year or two. Things that a year ago I would have said I couldn’t bear to live without…I can now see God’s hand and plan in removing. I’m even grateful…since I see the work that He is doing in me and how He is revealing Himself to me as I seek Him.

To remind myself of God’s faithfulness and His work in me…I’ve made a new bracelet that I wear daily. It say’s “CONSECRATE”…and I wear it to remind myself of the Bible verse that God gave me as the new year began. “Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” – Joshua 3:5.

Can I get a witness? Indeed He has. But more than that…it’s a present active participial kind of living. He continually does amazing things. Just think…He’s called me to share and participate in that plan. Now is that phenomenal or what? Amen, amen and praise God!

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