At the End of the Day…A Holy “No”!

Just a few quick thoughts or observations at the end of the day…before I in obedience and wisdom…and even a little common sense…head off to bed.

Time…sometimes it seems like a gift…and sometimes like an enemy. It’s an area in which the enemy likes to attack us.

As Christians…sometimes our best answer is “No”. It can be the most holy and right answer…when it helps us to seek God, follow Him and obey. Yet…there are times…it’s hard to discern when it is right to say no.

Some needs and demands to our time, schedule, commitments and money are very worthy…but they may not always be God’s will for us. Thus…we require discernment. A knowledge that comes from a close walk with God…and a listening ear and an obedient heart towards our Lord.

Sometimes it’s a holy “yes”…when it’s offered in obedience to God…when everything in us wants to shout “no”.

In thinking about wisdom…wisdom comes from God. Wisdom that He will make available to those who seek Him and the wisdom that He offers. Only those that obeyed God’s will and plan…truly received and lived out the wisdom that God provided. It’s a gift from God…that is available as we implement it according to His will and follow His leading.

In Bible study tonight…as Pastor Joe Rispoli taught us from the book of Thessalonians…it was jammed packed with great stuff. But there was one thought that hit me hard. The reminder that God desires that we love Him…and not just His word. That we seek to know Him…and not just His word. It’s a part of Him…but if I just seek Bible knowledge…without knowing and loving my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus…then I’ve missed the target, the end game…the most important Person.

Lord…help me to love You…and know You more. Give me discernment so that I might hear You and obey You first and foremost. Seek wisdom and discernment…and have a listening ear and heart to obey the One that I love. Amen!

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