The Hand of God

It’s a miracle, declares man,
Amazing…that more did not perish.

But from the throne room of heaven,
Our God dispatches a host of angels to carry out His plan.

Just seconds earlier or a few feet further,
The loss would have been unimaginable…incomprehensible.

In the unseen world, legions of angels are dispatched,
Their hour of work is now at hand.

An unseen hand is outstretched,
Braces a vehicle or nudges it just a bit further.

It teeters on a precipice,
Yet it will not plummet into the mighty Mississippi tonight.

He raises up men,
Draws forth courage in those we will soon call heroes.

Untold scores will walk away,
Utter why me and consider God’s purpose and plan.

For those souls called home,
To their appointed time…we pray.

Until we enter heaven’s gates,
The full extent of his mercies will remain unknown.

In God’s hand may we rest securely, ever mindful,
Our divine appointment approaches closer with each passing day.

By Susan Bunts
August 2, 2007

For images of this compelling human tragedy…please see the photo essay at the Minneapolis Star Tribune or Fox News.

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