Tis the Season…For His Glory

Last evening I attended an open house at Enderle Center in Tustin…getting the Christmas season off to a good start. The main draw for me was to hear Sylvia Cotton and the Orange County Gospel Ensemble.

The above clip is a snippet of this evening’s music. When you listen…I’m sure you’ll understand why I like them so very much.

Sylvia Cotton was at one time the worship leader and choir director at Kindred Community Church, during in our early years. In her role as worship leader…her aim was always to keep our worship God centered and to glorify Him.

It was my privilege to participate in Kindred’s choir for a season. Now I can’t honestly say it was anyone else’s privilege to stand next to me and hear me sing. While God gave me a love and passion for music…He passed the singing talent on to others. But Sylvia was most gracious…and always encouraged her choir members to strive for excellence in the service to the Lord.

Below are some pictures from this evening concert. Hopefully one day soon Sylvia Cotton and the Sylvia Cotton Singers will be releasing a CD…I’ll be among the first to purchase it. Whenever Sylvia would sing on Sunday…I would usually be downloading a new song on I-Tunes later that day. She was always introducing the congregation to new songs…and classic hymns. Once you heard it…you’d want to hear it again. It will be a great day to have a CD with Sylvia, Allan, Paige and Pamela playing in my car.

Thanks Sylvia for a great concert!

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