Pass You By

I never rightly know where God will touch me when I’m doing my Bible Study Fellowship lesson each week. Sometimes I’m encouraged or challenged…but more often than not…I’m convicted. Usually it’s not over some overt sin in my life…but instead God is dealing with a heart issue.

This week we’ve been studying Matthew chapter 8 and the question that really stuck me asked “what points were particularly meaningful”. I answered the question for the passage it pertained to…but it stuck with me.

In reflecting about Jesus…I was struck with the thought that Jesus never passes people by.

He always stops and reaches out to them. He touches them…He heals them…He even restores life to the dead. In this chapter…we find a leper cleansed, a servant paralyzed and a mother lying ill with fever are both healed, a raging storm stilled with just His word, and two men freed from bondage of demon possession.

Jesus was filled with compassion…and reached out to those who came to Him in need. He didn’t hesitate. He didn’t say He was too busy. He didn’t say… you’re not important enough, wait in line…or that impossible.

Instead Jesus’ compassion moved Him…to do that which only God could do. From a mere touch…or words spoken these peoples lives were changed, made whole, restored.

Today…while Jesus sits enthroned at the right hand of the Father…He still reaches out and touches people. He still cares…and is moved with compassion. Do I like the leper or demon possessed men cry out to Jesus to heal me? When the storms of life threaten to overtake me…do I cry out to Jesus…trusting and knowing His is able to cause the wind and waves to cease?

When I encounter hurting people…people in need…do I pass them by? Do I make time to listen to them? If I’m able to meet that need…do I? Or do I find an excuse and reason why I can’t? Do I pray for them? Do I encourage them? Do I point them to the wise counsel found in the word of God? When I see a soul lost in their sin…do I remain silent or do I share the life giving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Or dear Lord…may I be mindful of what it’s like to be passed by, ignored…and the pain of being invisible. May I instead reach out to those whom You bring in my path.

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