May I Never

I took me 49 years to find you,
May I never take you for granted.

Pastor Chuck used to say he had the blessing of cancer,
We have the experience of a lifetime of being alone.

May we never forget how blessed we are,
To have found each other…even at this late stage.

We don’t know how many days God will grant us,
Or how long before our health will fail.

May I never take it for granted,
That I have my hand in yours.

May I never take for granted,
Your sweet kisses that I’ve come to love.

May I never take for granted,
Instead…always remember how it feels to be held in your arms.

May I always appreciate your thoughtfulness,
Considerate, kind and caring…that’s you!

May I take joy,
In the laughter you bring.

I don’t want to miss one more day without you,
Or assume we will have a lifetime together.

You are my first thought in the morning,
My last thought at night.

I don’t want to miss one more kiss,
Or spend another day without looking into your eyes.

I spent a lifetime finding you,
Now I want to spend the rest of my life getting to know you.

To Chris…the one I love!

Susan Bunts
April 14,2008

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