Only Believe

If I had believed those who told me

It’s God’s will that you never marry

Would I have ceased to pray

Never more asked God to grant me the desires of my heart

If I believed that the chapters yet to be written

Would never be different

From that which had gone before

Would my faith have failed me

If I believed the lies of the enemy

Doubted the goodness of God

Would I have presented my requests to Him

Confident that He is able

If I had never asked

God to bring me a godly husband

Would I have ever donned a wedding gown

Or felt your hand in mine

If I had not risked

Being embarrassed

Feeling the failure

Would I have gathered the courage to asked others to pray

If I had not heeded

The still small voice within

Would I have lacked the vision

To only believe

By Susan Bunts

September 3, 2008

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