Tonight, the Lord enabled me

To snatch victory from the jaws of the enemy

When I heard the word…a smile crossed my lips

“Yes Lord…forgive”

The battle began early

I felt pummeled…assaulted on every side


Subtle…but it was an effective attack

Who would recognize it

Trace it back…to the enemy

Who would recognize the handwriting

Scripted by the hater of my soul

It felt like a war

The enemy was on every front

It left me wounded and numb

Spent…barely able to lift my head

Then the “piece of resistance”

Words wielded…left me battered and bloody

Oh Lord…just get me through this day

Help me to not respond in kind

Understanding their true nature

Brought no comfort

Knowledge that they are but a puppet of the enemy

Was not a healing balm to my soul

But in the quiet…at the end of the day

I came to the end of my reserves

It was there that the Holy Spirit reminded me

Of my “new nature” in Christ

He’s the One

When He whispered the word, “Forgive”…peace filled my soul

He’s the One who will enable me to return the arena

Enter where the prowling lions seek to devour me

Yet I fear not…for He is the One

Who will shut tight the jaws that would otherwise crush me

Tonight…the Holy Spirit within

Enabled me to forgive

In doing so He snatched victory

From the deadly jaws of Satan

A powerful and effective foe to a created one

But a defeated foe to the Kind of kings and Lord of lords

By Susan Bunts

September 9, 2008

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