For a Season

Oh Lord, in these days
The place where we meet
Has been denied me for a season

My soul longs for
Cries out
For our time to connect

You have answered my prayers
Given me my heart’s desire
In ways that are more than I can ask or imagine

Yet that place where we meet
Where my mind processes all that is going on
Has been held at bay

It’s been replaced
By busyness and plans
That will soon come to fruition

But it’s in writing
That I reflect
So clearly see Your presence in my life

It’s when my fingers strike the keyboard
That I work through the emotions
Through the grid of Your Word and the Holy Spirit’s leading

As much as I love my betrothed
Look forward with eager anticipation to that day when we become one
My heart cries out and I long for You, Oh God

May I never say
My name is Ichabod
That the glory of the Lord has departed from my life

May I be mindful
Of Your presence in my life
Your leading, Your guidance, Your tender correction

There are not enough sermons
Nor Bible studies attended
That can take the place of time spend with You

Oh God…carry me through this season
Restore unto me the time and place
And let us meet once again…daily commune

Until then God
Carry me, enable me, strengthen me…bring me through
To that private place where we meet again, one day face to face

Susan Bunts
September 16, 2008

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