A Different Way

My heart is sad today

For God is calling my friend

To go a different way

Over the years

My dear sister in Christ

Stood with me through many trials and tears

Each of us had our own burden to bear

But it always seemed a little lighter

When we had someone to share it with

Between us we saw

Divorce and the challenges of single parenthood

Endless singlehood…and bearing the load of a sick parent

Through it all

We stood by one another

Lifting each other in prayer

Through it all

We saw the faithfulness of our God

Who never left us, nor forsook us

Our Lord delivered us

He brought love into our lives

And turned our burdens into joy

It is our God

To whom I commit you my friend

Knowing with confidence that He will bring you through

It is my prayer

That He will draw you close

Comfort you with the love of a Father

He will be your strength when you are weak

Your Light when your days are dark

You will find Him sufficient for your every need

God has gifted you in so many ways

I am excited to see how

He will guide and direct you

Allow those gifts

To be used

To bring Your Father in heaven much glory

I take the sadness in my heart

As a reminder

Of one I’ve been privileged to call friend

It’s a good kind of hurt that’s my heart feels today

A reminder of the love for a dear friend

Who has now been called to go a different way

Susan Bunts Wachtel

November 7, 2008

For Andrea…you will be missed

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