Connection, Relationship and Worship

Despite the fact that we are newly married, my husband Chris and I are finding there are many things that are vying for our attention. It’s not that it’s even that it’s bad things…just the everyday ordinary things that need to be done.

But I’m finding in the midst of the busyness…while we are busy doing our respective things…I miss my husband. It’s so easy to feel like we are strangers passing in the night. Or to be more accurate…in the morning.

That feeling was a great reminder to both of us…that we need to make a concerted, purposeful concentrated effort to make sure that we put each other first. That we take those few minutes at the beginning of the day…to connect. Throughout the day…to stay in contact.

When we do that…those feelings of relationship are there. I don’t doubt that I’m important and loved by my husband. But when we let the little things creep in or let other people take precedence over our relationship with one another…that’s when the feelings of connection and relationship falter.

While working through busy demanding schedules that seem to have no let up…I was reminded at how similar this is to my relationship with God. When I let little things…that are of precious little consequence take priority over God…then I start to lose the feelings of relationship and connection. Doubts and insecurities creep in…and I know God less and less in a personal way. It’s then I’m vulnerable to believing the enemy’s lies. Lies about me…and about God. About who He is and His character.

While trying to get through a particular difficult day on Monday…I found that connection was restored with God when I shut out the world…and let myself fall into worship through music and praise. It was there that I was reminded about who God is…and how much He cares for me. That He is a mighty and powerful God…and that He is more than able to help me with whatever concerns me.

He’s even able to help my husband Chris and I figure out just how we can stay connected. How we can put each other first…even when facing pressing demands. After all…God is the One who created marriage and He is well able to help Chris and me to be the husband and wife that He desires.

It’s about relationship…it’s about staying connected. It’s about knowing the other person…it’s about valuing the other person so much that you put them first.

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