Soul Talk

Oh my soul
Here I am adrift
In a sea of wild emotions

Hope has turned to despair
Depression is closing in
Oh may I not fall into the sin of unbelief

Lord…I feel as though I have been exiled
Banished from Your presence
May I not given in to my feelings

Soul…I must take every thought captive
Find encouragement in God’s word
May I firmly cinch the Belt of Truth around me

When I feel as though I’m drowning
May I reach out and cling
To the Rock Who is higher than I

When I feel abandoned
May I remember Your promises
Assured that You will never leave, nor forsake me

When the darkness descends
May You be my Bright & Morning Star
The Light unto my path

When taunted, “Where is your God?”
May I remember…while He is invisible
God is never inactive

May I seek You Lord
Bask in the glory of Your presence
See my life in light of Your purpose and plan

May I find hope in Your radiance
Comfort in Your word
Peace in Your presence

Susan Bunts Wachtel
June 14, 2009

Have you had the experience that when the Pastor is preaching…you feel certain that the message is just for you? That’s what I experienced today. I felt as though Pastor Philip De Courcy was preaching a message designed especially for me. I’ll bet you a lot of folks felt that way this morning.

It was the right message and was in God’s perfect timing.

Pastor Philip preached a message out of Psalm 42 -43 on despair and depression. The word of God not only comforts and acts as a healing balm but it challenges us to “get a grip” . In this instance…take every thought captive.

This poem was motivated by and composed from the notes I took from today’s sermon.

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