Glorious Return

Each day I long for
Look for
Eagerly anticipate
Your glorious return

The time seems short
You will be coming soon
For Your bride, the church
Any day now

When I see a flash of lightening
Hear the thunder roar
I wonder
Is my Savior coming

Even as I long for that day
Desire it with an unquenchable thirst
I’m reminded
Of those for whom I pray

Each day I lift up their names
Before Your throne
Pray for their salvation
For deliverance from darkness

I pray that family and friends will be set free
Those who believe in counterfeit Jesus
Those who worship a god of their own making
Those who deny the very existence of God

For their sakes
I wait patiently
Pray that they will call upon the name of Jesus
And be saved

Yet…I desire
To gaze up Jesus
Worship Him
The One who is good, lovely and pure

I long to spend eternity in Your presence
Even here may my lips overflow with praises
Even now may my heart sing with thanksgiving
Of Jesus who gave Himself up for me

Susan Bunts Wachtel
June 16, 2009

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