Another store front went dark today
Another business locked their doors
Another owner won’t be collecting rent for their property
Today, countless employees joined the ranks of the unemployed
More people were given bad news
You’re dismissed, turn in your keys and go home
An application for unemployment
Worry sets in
How long will it be?
Another resume submitted
The waiting begins
Finally a call comes in and an interview is scheduled
Another offer…with wages so low it won’t even pay the rent
Another email, “I’m sorry but…we’ve selected another candidate.”
Another day goes by…no news and nothing on the horizon
I’m sorry, you are overqualified
We can’t pay you what you’re worth
If we hire you, surely you won’t stay
There’s a knock at the door
It’s the superintendent coming to collect rent
Shhhhh…be quiet…maybe he’ll go away

Please just give me a chance
I’m desperate to put food on the table and pay the rent
I have a wife and children at home…I don’t want them to go hungry another day
By Susan Bunts Wachtel
January 14, 2010

This poem is dedicated to the many people on my prayer list who have lost their job and to Jesus Christ…the One who is faithful and true.  May His mercy and grace abound as He brings you through this difficult season. 

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