Five Minute Friday…Sobering Perspective

Those days I feel overwhelmed
By the pressing, unrelenting demands of work
Come home weary and fatigued
When tempted to wonder, “How do others do it?”
Instead I look around and see
So many effected by the continuing downward spiral of our economy
Drivers and cars that used to head off to work
Now stay in the driveway each day
Lawns once green and manicured
Now have turned brown
Gardens once tended
Are now overgrown with weeds
Homes that used to show signs of life
Now stand empty for no one is home
Lord…may I have a heart of compassion
May I have a heart of gratitude for Your provisions
May I be faithful in prayer for those in need of jobs
Reach out where You lead
May I not presume upon my God
Who causes it to rain on the just and unjust alike
May I have a right perspective and attitude
Depending upon God for the strength to persevere
By Susan Wachtel
May 19, 2012
A day late…but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to participate in The GypsyMama’s Five Minute Friday.  Head on over and give it a try and be sure to read the writings of many gifted individuals while you are there. 


Another store front went dark today
Another business locked their doors
Another owner won’t be collecting rent for their property
Today, countless employees joined the ranks of the unemployed
More people were given bad news
You’re dismissed, turn in your keys and go home
An application for unemployment
Worry sets in
How long will it be?
Another resume submitted
The waiting begins
Finally a call comes in and an interview is scheduled
Another offer…with wages so low it won’t even pay the rent
Another email, “I’m sorry but…we’ve selected another candidate.”
Another day goes by…no news and nothing on the horizon
I’m sorry, you are overqualified
We can’t pay you what you’re worth
If we hire you, surely you won’t stay
There’s a knock at the door
It’s the superintendent coming to collect rent
Shhhhh…be quiet…maybe he’ll go away

Please just give me a chance
I’m desperate to put food on the table and pay the rent
I have a wife and children at home…I don’t want them to go hungry another day
By Susan Bunts Wachtel
January 14, 2010

This poem is dedicated to the many people on my prayer list who have lost their job and to Jesus Christ…the One who is faithful and true.  May His mercy and grace abound as He brings you through this difficult season. 

When Fear Grips My Heart

I turn on the news
Only to hear the reporter inform
The economy continues to spiral downward…out of control

Fear grips my heart

I pick up the phone
Listen to more bad news
Another friend lost their job today

With a lump in my throat I whisper, “I’ll pray”

I open the prayer email
I scan the requests only to find
Another family is facing foreclosure

I fall on my knees and cry out, “Oh Lord…”

All around me the rumors fly
Then we get word
A mandatory meeting…“Be there at 3:00 pm sharp!”

My heart is beating a little faster and my hands start to sweat

Then the Holy Spirit reminds me
Take every thought captive
Meditate upon the goodness and faithfulness of God

Never have the righteous been forsaken

With each bad report
May I be moved with compassion
Fall on my face before my sovereign Lord and King

Not even a sparrow falls without it escaping the Father’s notice

May I count it a privilege
To come before God’s throne in prayer
As I lift up my family, friends and strangers from afar

Cast all your anxiety upon the Lord, for He cares for you

May I delight
Not in possessions
But in the Lord Jesus Christ

May I praise You in the morning and evening…all throughout the day

May I find security
In God alone
When the phone call comes and my hand trembles

May I find peace in the presence of my Master

Susan Bunts Wachtel
June 24, 2009

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