Busy for the Lord

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get off track concerning the Lord?  Something that starts out good and is even intended to be of service can quickly become a distraction from that which is necessary and essential.
In my fallen sinful nature it’s so easy to let things or people distract me from the Lord.  All too easily I let activity eclipse the need for worship and undistracted study of God’s word alongside the body of Christ. 
The Lord has been doing business with me in areas where I have gotten off track.  It would be far better if I were a Mary and not a Martha, which is my natural tendency. 
It’s far too tempting for me to desire to be pleasing to people and let them set my schedule rather than go to the Lord and ask what He would have me to do.  When I let other people drive my schedule…it may be filled from morning to night taking care of all sorts of things that the Lord never intended for me to do.  When I know that my schedule is ordered by the Lord…that it’s far easier to say no or yes when and where it’s appropriate, because I’ve already said yes to the Lord.
It seems kind of crazy…but if I want to have that time with the Lord…if I want to be obedient and have a Sabbath rest then I need to intentionally and purposely plan for that. 
On Sunday as I sat in our Bible study class the Lord spoke clearly to me, “Susan, love Me more!” 
What does loving the Lord more look like?  How will that impact my schedule and activities?  How will it affect my attitude?  I liken it loving my husband.  Some of the ways I demonstrate my love for Chris and how my love is manifest will be similar to how I love the Lord. 
The one thing that I know is that I can’t even do that on my own.  Instead I need to go to the Lord and ask for Him to guide me and direct my steps.  I need to be still and listen for the Lord. 


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