Imperfect People

Though it’s unrealistic, as a Christian sometimes I expect other believers to be a whole lot better than what they are.  At the same time…I know that we will never be perfect this side of heaven.
When I encounter that person who is a “work in progress” and see something that is unlovely and less than pure…it’s so easy to focus on that.
But God’s is challenging me that when I see that imperfection…when I encounter that sin in other believers instead of harping on what’s wrong with them I should bring them before the throne of grace in prayer.  I can pray with confidence when I pray for that person what God has written in His word is His will for them. 
Instead of letting something make me embittered or angry…I need to turn it around and pray.  Perhaps that sin that I see in myself and others should be a flag to be in prayer.


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