Five Minute Friday – Tender Heart

What came to mind when I read today’s word “tender” was the scripture verse Ephesians 4:32, “And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.”

I want to have a heart that is tender towards God.  He wants me to have a tender heart towards others.  

In my life God has used trying and difficult circumstances to make me more compassionate towards people.  He’s also used my failures and sin to help me be more understanding and compassionate towards others.  

When I’m prideful and think, “Why I would never do that!” you can be sure I’m going to have a major fall in very short order.  After that fall, the Lord in His mercy and compassion, forgives me of my sin and helps me to learn from experience, what I failed to pay attention to and learn from when reading the Bible.  

I want to have a heart that is tender to the Lord and to incline my ear to hear His voice through the pages of scripture and the Holy Spirit within.

This post is being linked to  5-Minute Friday courtesy of The Gypsy Mama, where you simply write for 5 minutes without worrying if it’s right or not.  Head on over and give it a try!

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Tender Heart

  1. Good post Susan! 🙂 Having a tender heart is all about following God's instructions to us to take the time to notice, to consider, to understand and appreciate the people around us with a loving and compassionate spirit. We need to continuously seek ways in which we can encourage one another as God encourages us! Blessings and hugs,Denise

  2. AMEN…this goes with one of the quotes I put on my blog…this was the message in what I am reading…that the trials make us tender, if we allow the working of God to take place…I am with you, I want to be tender hearted

  3. I love your insights Susan, and the way you make them so clear anyone at any stage of life or their Christian walk can understand. God has gifted you and you are using it for His glory!Because He is worthy,Patty

  4. So true for all of us! I often experience the same thing…Thanks so much for the bible verse reminder! I think I should hang this one around my neck! Or at least put it up somewhere I can see it often 🙂

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