Five Minute Friday – Listening To the Ache

I could easily writing about the ache that I have for heaven.  There’s not a day that goes by that I wonder, is today the day that Jesus will call His church home?  Is today the day in which I will meet my Lord and Savior.
However, after reading Wanda’s post at “The Watered Soul” it got me to thinking about a different kind of ache.  It’s the ache that I have in the midst of the busyness and pressing demand of life to be able to make the time to do things I love to do, to do things that really matter and make a difference. 
Oh I feel that ache often.  It’s the card that I don’t send because I don’t have time to sit down and write a few words of encouragement.  It’s the phone call I never make because I know the person likes to chat and I only have a few minutes.  It’s the doily that sits uncompleted on the table because I don’t sit down and take the time to finish it.  Or I don’t take a couple of hours to go to the park with my camera and snap some photos of God’s creation.  I feel that ache when thoughts that are going through my head that I don’t take the time to put pen to paper and really listen to what the Lord is teaching me.
Lord…show me how to get off the merry-go-round and LIVE life and not just continually run at a frantic pace, accomplishing stuff that’s of little consequence and of no eternal value.  Show me how Lord, show me how.  
This post is being linked to 5-Minute Friday courtesy of The Gypsy Mama, where you simply write for 5 minutes without worrying if it’s right or not.  Head on over and take the challenge today.

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Listening To the Ache

  1. I like the saying, "Peace be still". All of this BUSY-ness makes me crazy. I love just enjoying the quiet of the day sometimes. Of course, God always comes to mind when I am quiet and uninvolved in the things of this world—and that's a very good thing. Great post!

  2. Yeah…I think I could have written this. Should have written this. Too many opportunities I let slip by…too busy, too caught up in my own worries, too focused on me, me, me. Time to get off the merry go round here, also.Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Wow Susan, I hadn't thought of in the terms of ache but its the perfect word. And you expanded so well on the things we often neglect to in the frantic pace of life. I too long to find the balance of fulfilling expectations and taking time to really enjoy just being. Have a great weekend Susan and I hope you find at least one thing on your list that you are to do simply because you enjoy it.

  4. Hi Clint, I envy those and desire to follow those who enjoy the quite of the day. Love that phrase. You are right…God comes to mind and the Holy Spirit often does a work in us during that time.Linda, I so enjoy reading the different writers that post on Five Minute Friday. I enjoyed your piece on ache. As I was reading your post I could think of people in my own life that leave an ache in my heart…but a good kind of ache.Hi Cindy,I can't tell you how many things I regret not doing. Simple things because I'm all caught up in the busyness of live. When I look at the importance of what I let dominate my life…too often I'm not choosing the best. Not sure how to balance responsibilities and obligation, such as work and caring for our home, and reaching out to people God has place in our life and enjoying God and all the abundant blessings He has place in our lives. Good morning Wanda. I thing you phrased it perfectly: "I too long to find the balance of fulfilling expectations and taking time to really enjoy just being." I am so far from figuring it out. But I thank you for sharing with your readers as you learn while on the journey. Today we have a beautiful, warm, sun shine day to enjoy…courtesy of our Creators. Thank you for always being and encourager and not afraid to address the touchy sensitive areas too.Blessings to all of you!

  5. you are the link right before me on gypsy mama. i agree and often find myself caught up in my rush of life and not getting to fully soak in the moments and the things i enjoy the most. tyranny of the urgent. great post!my recent post: ache

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