Of the World

On Saturday I stopped by the library to drop off a movie and was chatting with the librarian. Someone else was returning a movie that they like and highly recommended it.  The librarian asked if I wanted to check it out.  I brought it home and my husband and I watched it on Saturday night.  

Devoid of lasting or eternal value

Sin exalted 
No awareness of God 
Except to use His name in vain

To quote our friend Harry, there’s ninety minutes of my life I’ll never get back again.  

3 thoughts on “Of the World

  1. I know what you mean….I check a couple of sites for reviews before I will typically see a movie…unless it has come highly recommended by someone I trust. So much garbage out there, it is hard to find a true gem among it. There are certain movies my flesh would love to see…Bridges of Madison County being one. I would love to see the costuming and sets in that movie…however the romantic in me would find itself rooting for the sin…not worth it for me. I don't want to have to poke my minds eye out!

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