Be Equipped to Understand the Times – Read “Implosion” by Joel C. Rosenberg

When Joel Rosenberg’s newest book “Implosion” was released I was excited at the prospect of reading it.  Joel’s fiction books are riveting and interwoven with Bible prophesy.  I wanted know Joel’s take on the economic and spiritual decline of our nation and answer to the question is America mentioned in Bible prophesy.
Initially, I was concerned that “Implosion” would be very depressing, but instead I found it interesting, sobering, personally challenging as a Christian and hopeful because God gives second chances. 
Joel did an excellent job in explaining why he and many other experts believe our nation is at a tipping point.  Have we gone past a point of no return?  Every day we see the effects of the economic crisis impacting people and business all around us with home foreclosures and businesses going under.  Just turn on the TV news for a half-hour and you’ll see the devastating affects the moral decline in this nation.  Has God taken His hand off this country?  Have we sown to the wind, only to reap the whirlwind?
To answer these questions and more, Joel covers a lot of ground.  One of the most interesting chapters was “America’s Rising Anxiety” in which we learn that people from all walks of life, from both sides of the aisle, believers and unbelievers alike who are seeing what’s going on in the nation and are deeply concerned.  I was most incredulous about the chapter “The Case of the Optimists”, but Joel did an excellent job in presenting the optimist’s view in seeing how our nation has overcome perilous times in our history. 
As a Christian, the chapter I appreciated most, the one that set the tone for the rest of the book, “The Third Lens” in which Joel shows the importance and necessity of viewing current events through the lens of Scripture.  From there some of the topics Joel addressed included “Signs of the Times”, “Are We Living in the Last Days” and “What Happens to America in the Last Days”.  The chapters that are the most sobering are the different scenarios on what might happen to our nation, like financial implosion, war, terrorism, natural disasters and the rapture.  It was fascinating reading about the first and second great awakenings in our nation and it brought me hope that perhaps we will be the beneficiary of God’s mercy once again.
As a Christian the most challenging chapter was “Will America Experience a Third Great Awakening?”  In this chapter Joel encourages Christians to experience a personal revival and tells how we can get right with God. 
I highly recommend this book, to anyone who sees our nation on the brink of “Implosion” and wonders “Can American Recover From Its Economic & Spiritual Challenges in Time?” 
A complementary copy of this book was provided to me by Tyndale House Publishers to read and review.  I was under no obligation to give a favorable review in exchange for this book. 

2 thoughts on “Be Equipped to Understand the Times – Read “Implosion” by Joel C. Rosenberg

  1. Susan…I have Joel's blog on my blog's sidebar…always very informative and tho not an alarmist, i find he tells it like it is.I seriously doubt that my local library has this book, so it will have to wait. NO extra funds for amazon right now….I am in need of a new laptop as the one in my 16 month old Lenovo laptop is bad:(Motherboard went kaflooey and they are so expensive, it is not worth replacing it.Another good book I have heard of but have not read is "Living off off grid" by Michael Bunker. I have heard good things about it…He gets into why the church is not functioning as a church these days. Someone said you could find the unedited version online, but i have not tried yet. I have to work from my husbands dinosaur of a computer and it takes a long, long time to load a page. Like….I could go fix lunch and come back and it will just be finishing!xoxoCindy

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