Five Minute Friday – Where’s My Focus?

I’ve got to confess I’m a former political junky.  I religiously listened to Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt and Fox News was my channel of choice. 
And then something happened.  Over four years ago, I met the man whom I would marry.  It was a turbulent year with significant changes and I didn’t have a lot of time to listen to my old favorite radio programs. 
After purchasing our home, Chris and I decided to do without cable TV to help cut expenses.  I wouldn’t have guessed it, but before long I really liked not watching television at home.  Peace replaced anxiety and my interest in politics dwindled.  That was a good thing.
On the heels of both conventions and all the brouhaha that surrounds a pivotal election, I’ve found my focus is back on politics.  Even more so this week with the horrific acts of violence perpetrated on our US Ambassador in Libya. 
I’ve been sucked back in to listening to radio programs and reading news stories on politics, elections and candidates.  Not in a good way.  Politics can be an all-consuming focus if I let it.   
I need to be informed on the people and issues.  I need be a responsible citizen and vote in the election.  But I need to keep my focus on that which matters most and that is God, salvation found in Jesus Christ alone, the Word of God and through the Holy Spirit walking in a manner which is good and pleasing to my Heavenly Father. 
If you would like to participate in Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday Challengehead over to her website “Tales from a Gypsy Mama”.  Be sure to read some of the entries from other writers.  I can promise you that you will be blessed.

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Where’s My Focus?

  1. Hey from FMF, I totally agree with the TV thing. Sometimes i love when the power goes out and my time is freed up so i can do household chores and spend time in the garden. It's so easy to get wrapped up in something. I will pray that your focus returns to what really matters to you and your family instead of the news (which can drive us all a little nuts). Keep your eye on the sky and focus on the Lord. I am so happy I found five minute fridays! God bless you!

  2. With so much turmoil and trouble going around, there is so much to turn away our focus on God. I never really been a biggie on politics but even still there's a lot of things that gets my attention.

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