Trials & Tribulations…How do I respond?

When I’m in the middle of trials and tribulations, it seems that if I just knew what work God was doing in the midst of them, I could endure them with patience and persevere through His power and strengthen.
I fear that all too often I rely on my own strength, rather than run to the throne of grace in prayer.
When I grumble and complain, rather than pray, I’m living like an unbeliever. 
May I remember that unbelief is what resulted in the Israelites wandering in the desert for 40 years.  Unbelief…not good, not good at all. 
It’s okay to ask God questions, as long as I’m okay that He chooses not to answer.  May I trust God even when He is silent. 
Trials and tribulations remind me that I’m not in control, except for how I respond. 
Oh Lord, may I trust You with even when I don’t understand, nor like my lot.  May I be mindful of Your goodness and know that it never changes.  May my love for You never depend upon favorable circumstances.  May I praise You in the good times and bad.  May I be dependent upon You and not my own strength.

2 thoughts on “Trials & Tribulations…How do I respond?

  1. Wow this echoes today's message and portion of book I was just reading earlier. I have heard this theme three times today. It seems God really wants to nail home this message to me.

  2. Amen…I can so relate. As I have been teaching the story of the Israelites in wilderness experience to my son I felt the Lord remind me that I am so much like them at times…as He parts the sea on our trials I want to remember them and not forget His faithfulness…oh that I could learn to trust more

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