“I Exalt You, O God” – Highly Recommended

Reading Jerry Bridges’ book, “I Exalt You, O God” was refreshing and a privilege.  
Jerry keeps the focus on God, who He has revealed Himself to be in scripture and why He alone deserves our worship.  The introduction delves into the subject of what worship is and how God should be worshiped.  “We glorify God by ascribing to Him the honor and adoration due Him because of His excellence.  We also glorify God by reflecting His glory to others.”  Jerry has a lot of scripture throughout the book along with quotes from theologians, both past and present, to help the reader better grasp and understand what worship is and how it is lived out in our lives. 
“I Exalt You, O God” is theologically sound.  Through the 31 daily devotions and scripture passages, the reader will see and meditate on the greatness, holiness, wisdom and love of God so he can better understand the glory that is due Him.  Jerry asks the penetrating question, “How can we honor and adore One on Sunday whom we have not taken time to praise and give thanks to during the week?” 
Jerry challenges the reader to make sure he is coming to God through Christ Jesus and to examine his heart to ensure he is not cherishing sin.  These devotions help the reader to see how awesome, holy, infinitely great and unfathomable God is and that He is worthy of praise and worship.  He also helps the reader to recognize his own sinful state and great need for God’s mercy and grace found in Christ alone, not only for salvation but also in our daily walk with God.  Jerry concludes each day’s devotion by praying scripture that reinforces the character or attribute of God that was studied. 
I highly recommend “I Exalt You, O God” by Jerry Bridges.  The reader will both be challenged and inspired by this book and grow in a deeper understanding of the amazing and awesome God we serve.  This is a book that you will want to read again and again, and it will help you to grow in your worship of God.  It would make a great book for a new believer or someone who wants to grow in their knowledge and understanding of Who God is. 
An electronic copy of “I Exalt You, O God” was provided to me for review by Random House through WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.  I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review. 

2 thoughts on ““I Exalt You, O God” – Highly Recommended

  1. Thank you Susan for sharing this book review. I have never read any on Jerry Bridges' books, but I did add it to my Amazon wish list. It sounds like a very good book to read.Blessings,Ken

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