Far Beyond

When my circumstances are far beyond me
I acknowledge Your ways are not my ways
Far beyond my understanding

When I’m in the dark place
You are my ray of light
Guiding my next step on the path before me

Father, when I am inconsolable
It’s in Your presence I find peace
It’s You alone Who can comfort me

When grief and tears consume me
You whisper hope in my ear
Jesus, my confidence is in You alone

When words fail me
Your Holy Spirit perfectly translates my groans
Into prayers before Your throne of grace

When my world crumbles around me
You take up the dark and jagged pieces
Work them perfectly into Your sovereign plan

But LORD, right now
I just need You to hold me
Be here with me in my grief

by Susan Wachtel
March 23, 2014

3 thoughts on “Far Beyond

  1. Just beautiful Susan! When we feel like our world is falling apart, God calls us to look outward and upward and keep our eyes open to the One who will always be there to pick us up when we fall. The result of lifting up your eyes will be an irrepressible joy that brings contentment and thankfulness…far beyond!! ♥

  2. oh how you need to feel the loving arms of our Lord around you Susan. I can feel your sadness and your anxiety and Jesus is there right beside you. He is no distant companion . He is with you all the time sharing your sorrows and grief and the hardness of the way. He has been there before, remember. Susan, above all things He cares like no other could care for you. He loves you with a deep, penetrating love which cannot be compared. he loves you Susan. All your brothers and sisters in Christ love you too with His love embedded inside each of us.
    Jim Allis

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