A New Chapter

ecc 11-7

I have now officially begun a new chapter in my life…that of homemaker.  To be honest with you, I’m not even sure what that will look like as I ease into this role.

Yesterday was my first day at home.  It’s a different pace than my work-a-day world, but at first I have much I need to accomplish.  A good and thorough cleaning of our home is top on the list.

Four months ago when I had left my job of 29 years, I brought home boxes of things I had at work including pictures and decorations, cards and notes that I had saved.  Where I left them is where they remained until yesterday when I finally had the time to go through the boxes and decide what to keep or get rid of.

As I read the cards and notes, they brought back a lot of memories, some good and some painful.

It got me to thinking, how much do I do that emotionally and mentally.  How often do I hold on to thoughts and feelings from the past and not let them go?  In doing that, don’t I have less room for the present and what’s going on in my life today?  Are my thoughts and feelings colored by what I’ve held on to from the past?  Do I fail to see people and circumstances through fresh eyes?  Is my holding on to things and memories, in part, not fully trusting God?

Perhaps with some peace and quiet in my days, I will be learning a lot.  May I have the ears to hear what the Lord Jesus is teaching me through His Word and prayer and the Holy Spirit within me.  May I commit each day to the Lord and be about my Father’s business.

One thought on “A New Chapter

  1. Hi Susan, so pleased you are settling in to anther phase of your life where God has already gone before you. Are you nearer Egypt or Caanan you need not ask. You love the Lord and he will guide.across the ocean wide if necessary. If not you have a new headquarters to serve Him from. All our service is for Him and to Him. Exciting adventures are ahead Susan. May God continue to bless you and Chris. Love in the Lord, Jim and Joy.

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