Scripture Art


At church this summer the Women’s Ministry is offering a class on Scripture Meditation and Art Journaling.

Last week we had our first class and it was great fun.  It was a time to slow down and read through a passage of Scripture and ask questions and dig deeper.

After the studying the scripture we had time to learn how to do scripture art.

I’m not an artist by any means.  I love photography and I love to write…but that’s where my creative juices stop.  Nonetheless, I would love to learn how to do scripture art and journaling.  So I’m giving it a try.

This is my first attempt at scripture art based on a Scripture verse from our Sunday morning Bible study.  I hope to improve overtime.  One great thing about this technique you are writing out the Scripture verse several times so it will help with memorizing a verse.

I’m learning that just because I’m not great at something, especially when I first try it, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t continue to work on it.  Hopefully, with time I’ll improve but more importantly that I will let the scripture work in me and change me as I focus on the Word of God.

2 thoughts on “Scripture Art

  1. Hi Susan! Wow, your art experience really dove-tails with my post ‘You’re an Artist’. You are! I would love a class like this, it looks like it would be so fun and creative too.
    No one starts anything and is an instant expert, as you pointed out. And if you get joy from participating, go for it!!

    • Hi Ceil,

      Thanks so much for your word of encouragement. It was great fun and the lady that is teaching us is very talented and walking us through things one step at a time. I will be sure to check our your post “You’re an Artist”.

      I think I’m learning that perhaps pride and the desire to do things perfectly may keep me from good things like this. Isn’t it a shame that we miss good things in life just because we put hurdles in front of us that can’t be traversed.

      I do hope that they have this class again this coming year. All the gals had a great response.

      Lord bless…Susan

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