Do I?

We Love Because He First Loved Us

Do I love and accept a friend absolutely as they are, wounded and broken?

Do I help them carry their burdens?  Or do I place more burdens on them to bear?

Do I judge them when what God is calling me to do is love them?

Do I blame them for being sick (physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually) rather than pray for the Lord to heal them and walk with them through their trials?

Do I stand there with a pointed finger or come before my heavenly Father with prayerful hands and heart?

Do my words cut and leave wounds which will be remembered for a lifetime?  Or do I speak words of encouragement, love, truth and healing which will bring comfort when recalled?

Do I reject the hurting one for whom Christ died, when the Shepherd stands with open arms ready to embrace and forgive them?

Am I an obstacle for those who need to turn to Christ or do I point the way?

Am I more concerned about what someone’s life reflects about me?  Or do I genuinely care and desire to love them?

We all can remember those words which wounded us and those words that showed love and support.  Those words that brought healing and life at just the right time.

Which words will I choose to speak today?

Will I raise my arms to push away or embrace, love and comfort?

2 thoughts on “Do I?

  1. … a living sacrifice … bearing one another’s burdens … walking in love as Christ loved us … a sweet smelling savour …

    • Amen and amen Rollin. We are enabled to do what doesn’t come naturally by the power of the Holy Spirit within. Having our minds renewed by the washing of the Word each day. Taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ…choosing to meditate on that which is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous and praiseworthy. May we honor and glorify our great God and Savior Jesus Christ each day in what we do, say and even think.

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