Sin and the Great Exchange

In our lives today, I don’t think we get the full picture of sin.

As I read through Leviticus recently I had a small inkling into how wrong, ugly and utterly abhorrent sin is to God.  God who is holy, perfect, just and righteous.

If, like the Jews, I had to place my hands on the animal that was my sin offering, confess my sins and slit its throat to shed its blood (which would cover my sin) I might have a better idea on how horrifying sin is to God.

If I want to see what sin looks like to God, I need to look at what Jesus Christ endured on the cross.  The sinless Lamb of God sent to take away the sin of the world.  Look at the punishment He endured so that my sins would be removed, not just covered.  Thank You Jesus for paying my sin debt that I could never repay, not even with an eternity spent in hell.  May I have a better appreciation and understanding of sin and it’s high price.  May sin loose its hold on me as I focus on Christ.  Thank You Jesus for crediting Your righteousness to my account.

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