Faithful & Sudden

Heb 11-1

Prayers uttered in faith
Recalling God’s faithfulness in the past
Counting on His trustworthiness in the future
My God, He never changes

Days turn into weeks
Weeks into months
Yet, still there is no answer
My God, He is at work in ways we cannot see

One day, there will be a breakthrough
One day, His answer will come
Suddenly, swiftly
I must be prepared to move when He says go

Tonight, when there seems to be silence from heaven
When deliverance is far from my sight
I pray and I will praise my God
Confident, that one day soon, my deliverance will come

By Susan Wachtel
November 29, 2015

2 thoughts on “Faithful & Sudden

  1. I have been here many times, in fact these past two years has taken me along a bumpy road and a lot of waiting. Did receive one answer from the Lord (it was a no) broke my heart. Yet I trust His decision and only gave myself one cry-girl day! God is Good ALL THE TIME! And I’m still waiting on His other answers….

    • Hi Dee,

      Thanks for sharing. Yes indeed, God’s timing is far different from ours. I guess He has lessons for us to learn in the waiting. The Lord’s “no” can be painful…but trust Him we must. Praise God…for He is good…all the time!

      Thanks for sharing. Keep on waiting with hope!

      Love and miss you! Susan

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