Faithful & Sudden

Heb 11-1

Prayers uttered in faith
Recalling God’s faithfulness in the past
Counting on His trustworthiness in the future
My God, He never changes

Days turn into weeks
Weeks into months
Yet, still there is no answer
My God, He is at work in ways we cannot see

One day, there will be a breakthrough
One day, His answer will come
Suddenly, swiftly
I must be prepared to move when He says go

Tonight, when there seems to be silence from heaven
When deliverance is far from my sight
I pray and I will praise my God
Confident, that one day soon, my deliverance will come

By Susan Wachtel
November 29, 2015

Do I Pray

Do I pray with praise and thanksgiving to my Father in heaven for who He is, for what my Savior Jesus Christ has accomplished and for the Holy Spirit who dwells within me? 
Do I pray in reverence because I am coming before God who is holy?
Do I pray clothed in the righteousness of Christ?
Do I pray with confidence because I know that God is gracious, merciful and loving?
Do I pray and receive comfort in the knowledge that Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for me?
Do I pray with trust that I have a relationship with my heavenly Father and that He hears me?
Do I pray to my Abba Father before I go to man and talk about my problems?

Do I pray with conviction knowing the uncompromising truth in God’s word?
 Do I pray instead of giving way to anxious thoughts?
Do I pray with patience trusting God and His time frame and His plan?
Do I pray for others rather than yielding to the temptation of gossip?
Do I pray and bring to my Father…what concerns me today?
Do I pray, taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ?
Do I pray knowing that the Holy Spirit intercedes on my behalf with groans that my words cannot express?
Do I pray for God’s will and not my own?
Do I pray that God will change me before He changes my situation?
Do I pray for God to bless my enemies?
Do I pray knowing that salvation is a work of God, not of me?
Do I pray that God will change my heart?
Do I pray that I will be conformed to God’s will?
Do I pray knowing that it is time invested wisely, not wasted?
Do I pray with faithfulness for those whom I promised to pray for?
Do I pray knowing that God works through and answers the prayers of His saints?
Do I pray confessing and repenting of my sins?
Do I pray knowing that God is well able to handle ANYTHING that concerns me?
Do I pray for others before I pray for myself?

Do I pray?

When Faith Comes Crashing In

Not the first of Your servants,
To experience doubt and unbelief,
A failure of faith.

From hope to despair,
The light turns to dark,
All comes crashing in.

Like David of old,
My soul cries out,
Have you forgotten, yeah even forsaken me?

I feel like Elijah,
Following his victory on the mount,
I am overcome with fear, trembling and doubt.

I let go,
I give up,
Ask the walls to come tumbling down upon me.

Your word assures me,
It bids me to trust Thee,
Believe in that which is yet unseen.

I can not,
It is beyond me,
My hope has been deferred for far too long.

I cry out,
In words known only,
To the Holy Spirit within.

He pleads,
He carries my requests,
Before the very throne room of God.

I bow before Thee,
In silence I wait,
You are my only hope.

Trembling with disbelief,
I dare not look up,
Else You will see tears shed in doubt and unbelief.

I lay them on the alter,
Take from You courage,
To believe in more than that which is seen.

I ask You for hope,
For the faith to believe,
To trust in Your goodness and mercy towards me.

In my circumstances,
You are at work, perfectly fitting him,
Whom You have chosen for me.

Dear Lord, how might I persuade you?
When Adam walked with You,
You declared, “It is not good for man to be alone!”

As Jacob wrestled with You Lord, so too will I cling,
I will not, no I will not let go,
Until Thou blesses me.

by Susan Bunts
October 12, 2007