Blessings of a Different Sort

Psalm 40-11

It’s pretty common these days on social media to see blessings being passed along that talk about good fortune, financially or relationally, coming your way.

But there’s a blessing of a different sort that’s far better.

That is the blessing of having the Lord walk beside you in good times and bad.  Never leaving, nor forsaking you.

It’s the blessing of having faithful friends come alongside you in prayer and help you when you are in need.

It’s the blessing of a friend, picking up the phone and just listening as you share your concerns.

It’s the blessing of a friend who gives you a hug in the parking lot and says she’ll pray for you and wipes your tears away.

It’s the blessing of a friend that you don’t know about who lifts you in prayer when the Lord burdens her heart for you.  But the Lord knows and hears her prayers.

It’s the blessing of picking up the Bible in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep and you read through David’s Psalms and receive comfort for your soul.

It’s the blessing when you need godly wisdom and you call your Pastor and he guides you to the Book, The Bible, and you hear from God how you should respond to that hurt of offense or when your children or marriage is in trouble.

It’s the blessing when your husband holds you close in the middle of the night and lets you cry and share your hurting heart.

It’s the blessing when you lose a loved one to cancer and in the midst of your grief you are comforted to know with confidence that you will one day see them again.  In that place where there is no more sorrow, sickness, pain, suffering or death.

It’s the blessing when you realize you’ve really blow it big time and you go to your heavenly Father and confess your sin.  You repent and know with confidence the Lord God has forgiven you because of Christ and He will help you to walk in a manner worthy of your high calling.

It’s the blessing you received when the Lord redeems the trials, sorrow and pain you’ve experienced and allows you to come alongside someone else and comfort them as you’ve been comforted.

It’s a different kind of blessing that comes from God.  He has told us that in this life we will suffer persecution, trials and tribulation.  But we can be of good cheer for He, Jesus Christ, has overcome the world.

Let’s be honest, those other “blessings” don’t really come true.

What kind of blessing do you need tonight?  Ask the Lord.

2 thoughts on “Blessings of a Different Sort

  1. America bless GOD, I am asking/speaking/decreeing/declaring the prayer of agreement as we repent and ask forgiveness for all sin past/present/future I ask almighty GOD to give us a President after GOD’S own heart that shall lead/guide/direct/protect all Jews/Gentiles worldwide in Jesus name.

    • Dear Betty,

      May God’s people be faithful in praying for our leaders and their families. Over and above any political differences we may have may we come before God’s throne of grace in prayer, asking for their salvation first and foremost. May God give them wisdom as they govern our nation. May they be men and women who are righteous and godly. May they be students of God’s Word. May they serve the communities, cities, states and our nation faithfully and be above reproach. May they do that which is good and pleasing in the sight of the Lord. May God protect them and their families and keep them safe. May any who are unrighteous, ungodly and pursuing evil step down from government or be removed and replaced with a person who wants to serve the citizens of this nation in an upright manner. May they guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus and it’s in His mighty and powerful name we pray. Amen!

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