Election Confessions

Daniel 2-21

Lord, I confess
As the election begins in earnest
There are times my heart is anxious
My mind filled with worry

I look around and see a nation
Seeped in sin and unrighteousness
Will You rightly and justly
Give us over to the judgment we deserve

Or will You respond with patience
In Your lovingkindness and mercy
Will You raise up a Josiah
Give us a godly leader who fears You

I see candidates of all kinds
Prideful, arrogant, rude
Contemptable, dishonest, liars
Who believe they are above reproach

Yet there are some
Men and women of integrity who fear You
Who desire to be upright and blameless
And humbly serve this nation

I see people deceived
Even believers have been taken in
I ask that You give Your people discernment
Help us to choose wisely

I confess my anxiety and worry are a sin
I have failed to trust You fully
But You are God who is sovereign and in control
You raise up kings and leaders and bring them down

When I feel anxious
Help me to repent and pray
Trust the One True and Living God
To whom we will all give an account one day

by Susan Wachtel
February 1, 2016

21 thoughts on “Election Confessions

    • Hi Dee,

      Good to hear from you. It’s so easy for me to start worrying without even being aware that I’m doing it. Honest and truly I know that God is in total control and that He will bring the person who will best serve His perfect plan. With the way our country is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s judgment in the form of an ungodly leader.

      But either way…His plan is good and His will be done!

      May we be in prayer for our nation, fellow believers and the unsaved.

      Take care…miss you! Love…Susan

  1. I am concerned about the election on many levels. I am a Democrat and I love Bernie but Hillary seems to be the better choice for many reasons. The Republicans scare me they have no plans to raise wages, address climate change and their ideas about taxes are just more of the same rhetoric they’ve had for decades. As a retiree I am concerned about social security and medicare as well as the well being of my grandchildren. I feel that if any of the Republicans are elected it’s game over. I just hope that Democrats turn out to vote because I don’t know if people realize what is a stake in this election. Furthermore, I do not trust Republicans as they have prove to be cheaters and liars. We don’t need those people running this country.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your concerns about the election.

      We come from different places politically. But that’s part of what makes this country great. Praise God that we are able to voice our beliefs and vote our conscience. While I disagree with Bernie’s politics, he seems like decent man. On the other hand, I’m greatly concerned about Hillary Clinton. As William Safire said, Hillary is a congenital liar. Some Democrats acknowledge that, but she is still doing good in the election thus far. That I find a mystery.

      I think it’s important for all US citizens to take the time to vote. While you and I may be hoping for different results, we need to exercise the privilege and right that we’ve been given in this great country.

      Andrew, remember not to be anxious, but bring everything to God in prayer, with thanksgiving and present your requests to the Lord. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

      Be sure to get out and vote! Lord bless…Susan

      • Susan,
        Please give me the full write-up of congenital lying. First, start with the definition of “congenital liar.” Then give me your full argument, from proposition to full factual support. Thanks. God loves people who work hard at giving honest arguments. And, as they say, if Jesus arrived today, our most religious would put him on the cross faster than we can imagine. Let’s use the brains that God (or our genes) gave us, ok?

        God bless you and your full education.

      • Anne,

        My desire is not to get into an argument with you or anyone else.

        I wrote this poem to express my anxiety over the state our nation is in at this time with candidates, on both sides of the aisle, that I believe have demonstrated character flaws which should render them unfit to be President of the United States of America.

        You may feel quite differently and ready to cast your vote for candidate you believe is best qualified. That is part of what makes this country great. US citizens are able to freely exercise their right to vote.

  2. When I hear of some of this garbage that comes out of some of these candidates mouth I think that it is real joke coming from dumb Trumps mouth I would not want someone like this representing the USA at all but I say just let him keep talking he will self-destruct and no one has to stop him he will do it all by himself.

    • Hi Betty,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your concerns about our election and candidate Trump.

      I think a lot of conservatives share your concerns about Trump as President. He doesn’t have a track record of being a true conservative. He is a wildcard and unpredictable, not in a good way. He doesn’t have a filter and doesn’t seem to discernment on what is good, right or appropriate to say. I can only hope and pray that he will not be the nominee for the Republican party.

      May we not loose hope, but fully rely and trust God is at work in this election. May we be praying for the salvation of our elected officials and the candidates that are running for President.


  3. Most of these people are clowns I think that dumb Trump is artificially being kept at the top for rating sake because nothing that this fool says makes any sense the USA is already the laughing stock of the world with these dumb Senators/Republicans trying to run for office we have really scraped the bottom of the barrel. Stop the madness before we all get lumped in with these insane people.

    • Dear Betty,

      I can only hope that Trump’s numbers are inflated and don’t reflect the leaning of conservatives within the Republican party. You shared your concerns in a very straight forward way.

      Don’t loose heart. Remember, even when it seems that everything is going wrong, it’s not out of God’s control and He has a purpose and plan He is bringing to pass. May we be faithful to pray. Especially pray for wisdom and discernment for God’s people and that we will be mindful that we will give an account for how we vote. It’s a privilege and responsibility that many do not have.

      Lord bless…Susan

  4. I am asking/speaking/decreeing/declaring that almighty GOD shall have mercy/grace upon the USA to give us a President after GOD’S own heart that shall lead/guide/direct/protect all of GOD’S people Jews/Gentiles and to plead the blood of Jesus covering President Obama/and the family that we shall all live life/life more abundantly, I am decreeing/declaring the prayer of agreement to always “LET US ALL DO IT GOD’S WAY,” IN jESUS NAME.

  5. I am decreeing/declaring the prayer of agreement for almighty GOD to give us a President of the USA after his own heart that will lead/guide/direct/protect all of GOD’S people worldwide and to supernaturally come down and trouble the “FLINT WATER CRISIS,” and to bring Economic Empowerment Programs and to reverse any/all sickness/disease and to bless all of GOD’S people Jews/Gentiles worldwide.

    • Dear Betty,

      It seems like every time we turn on the TV or read the news there is some much going on. May we not be overwhelmed with evil and the brokenness of this world. Instead let us be faithful to pray for our nations, it’s citizens and leader. Lord God, we ask that You would please give the leaders in Flint wisdom to determine the best course of action to make their drinking water safe. We pray that if any leaders made bad decisions for financial gain and endangered the people that you would expose them and have them removed from office and justice would be served. We pray that You will protect the people of that city from the ill effects from the lead in their drinking water. May we all be away Lord that we will give an account to You for how we live our live. May that knowledge help us to be sober in our thinking and make good, right decisions for our lives, our families, and the citizens of our nation. It’s in Christ’s righteous name we pray…Amen!

  6. I have been watching this campaigning closely. I have seen dirty politics being elevated to a new and disgusting level this year. I know I have not trusted in God as I should. I remind myself that no matter who gets in power, He is still on His throne and He remains in control. But I suggest that people take a second look at Ohio Governor, John Kasich. He has the executive experience, the character, and the integrity to be President. If it’s decency we wish to see in the next President, pick a person who has exhited the qualities that you want to see in a President.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your concerns about this current election. I think as people of faith, people who believe the God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ, we know that God is fully in control even when it doesn’t seem like it. But it’s still hard as we see our country in a seeming downward spiral out of control. But may we remain faithful in prayer for our nation, it’s leaders, family and friends. May we be His faithful and true witnesses. May we vote responsibly knowing it is to Him we will give an account.

      Thanks for sharing your observations about Governor John Kasich. I have a family member that also feel favorable about him. He seems like a decent person. I can’t say that about all the candidates.

      Lord’s blessing to you. I see on your website that you fight the good fight for the pro-life cause. That’s an important cause and is close to God’s heart. May we turn the hearts and minds of people one person a time to see and value human life as a gift from God.

      Susan Wachtel

      • Hello, Susan:

        Thank you for your remarks! I must say that I have felt quite let down by the Super Tuesday results and have been stressing about them. But I know that Jesus is in control no matter who gets in. Thank you for visiting my website. May God continue to bless you and your ministry!

      • Hi Lisa,

        Now that Super Tuesday has passed, my stress level has gone down.

        I think I’m more resolved and know with certainty this is all firmly in the Lord’s hands. His purpose and plan will be achieved, even that includes bringing judgment on this nation, through ungodly and unrighteous leaders, for our grievous sins we have committed. I guess that’s all the more reason that we need to share the gospel message. We need to be about our Father’s business and be in prayer.

        Thank you for your ministry to save the life of the unborn and help women with a crisis pregnancy make the choice for life.

        Lord’s blessings…keep on praying! Susan

    • Hi Jajnet,

      I’m in agreement with you 100%. If somebody wrote a book about this, no one would publish it or believe it. It indeed is crazy.

      May God give us wisdom in choosing the best candidate for office. And may we trust God no matter what, knowing with confidence that He is working out His good and perfect plan.

      Lord’s blessings to you in Christ…Susan

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