A Morally Confused Election


Lord, I can’t help but believe
Both candidates are part of Your judgment
On the wicked morally bankrupt nation that we’ve become

What a sorry state we are in
The top two candidates
Reflect the state of our moral confusion

It’s more than just ideological differences
It’s bigger than choosing between left and right
Democrat or Republican

We are a nation divided
Even within our political parties
We have splintered and are spinning out of control

Can I just say
Trump was my number 17 choice
Out of a field of 17 candidates

After his nomination
I was depressed
In a quandary as what to do

Over time
I accepted my choices are limited
Trump, Clinton, Johnson, Write-in or Not Vote

I asked the question
Does Never Hillary
Trump Never Trump

The best thing about Trump
He’s not Hillary
The worst thing about Trump, he’s himself

The campaigning and debates revealed
Not just a flawed candidate
But a man who was morally bankrupt

Remember the awful, wretched things he said
About the candidates, their wives and families
Let’s not forget the reporters and anyone else within range

The man has no filter on his mouth
He speaks before he thinks
Some find it refreshing, I find it appalling

He brought the discourse of debate
To a new all-time low
Vile name calling instead of focusing on issues

Boastful pride and arrogance
Bragging of his sexual conquests and body parts
He doesn’t classify adultery as sin, but God does

Hillary feigns outrage at Trump’s antics
But let’s not forget Clinton’s corruption
Both personal and professional

Over the years, Hillary’s complicit in covering up
Not just Bill’s sexual immorality
But shutting down the women he’s sexually assaulted

Remember Benghazi…what difference does it make
Was it incompetence or negligence
That left four Americans dead; and why the lies

Personal email servers for convenience of course
Classified…what’s that?  Never received them
National security at risk, all for what

State Department and influence for sale to the highest bidder
Clinton Foundation coffers grow by leaps and bounds
Got to cover our tracks…delete, delete, delete

Corruption long-lived and far reaching
The Justice Department and FBI
Once agencies of integrity, now aid and abet

Corruption abounds
Moral bankruptcy knows no bounds
Lord, what’s a Christian to do?

Not vote?  Men fought and died for that right
Vote for the lesser of evils
Throw away my vote with a write-in who won’t win

With all the noise and rhetoric
I don’t know how to vote
Lord, what would you have me to do?

By Susan Wachtel
October 8, 2016


6 thoughts on “A Morally Confused Election

  1. With your permission I am using this as my prayer. So well written, the angushish we all feel in this election is left in the hands of our dear Lord. Jesus hear our prayer.

  2. I was feeling down before this debate tonight and I feel worse now. I cannot believe how many Christians are defending and praising a man who embodies anti-Christian values, mocked a disabled reporter, sees us women as sex objects, wants to keep Muslims out of the U.S, and has an adversarial relationship with truth. And I’m sad at the pure hate that many Christians direct at Clinton. Praying!

    • That is something all Christian can agree on; we need to pray. For this country, the election and for the candidates repentance and salvation.

      I’ve been shock at some of Christians Pastors and leaders who came out in support of Trump before the campaigns started.

  3. As you probably already figured, I’m in the camp who finds Trump refreshing. I hate political correctness. So many people boo hooing over being offended. Get over it. Trump became my go to after Cruz sucked wind during the debates. All his wining just made him look like a child. Yes, Trump could use a better filter on has mouth, but atmleast he is not a politician. We don’t need any more of those promise everything, deliver,nothing types.

    • Lois,

      I think Trump could make the same points, but without the rude and crudeness. I don’t like the PC garbage either. I won’t be voting for Hillary. Her corruption is at a whole different level than Trump’s outrageous words.

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