Five Minute Friday – Brave & Courageous

Friday’s topic at The Gypsy Mama is “Brave”. 
When I hear the word brave, I think of someone who is courageous and self-sacrificing in face of danger, giving little thought of the personal cost to themselves, and a willingness to put themselves in harm’s way to protect, rescue and help others.
I think of men and women who serve in the military to serve, protect and defend this nation.  Often they do so at a cost to themselves.  Their family also sacrifices so that our nation can be secure.
A living picture of bravery are police officers and fire fighters.  I’ll never forget the images of the men walking into the World Trade Center Towers on September 11, 2001.  Men and women of like character serve and protect our towns and cities each day.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to those who daily serve, protect and defend us.
There’s another kind of bravery that I see in those courageously facing a terminal or devastating diseases.  Not giving up and not giving in to despair.  That’s not to say that their every moment is infused with courage, but they don’t stay there.  Instead they press on. 
A compelling picture of bravery is Christians who live in nations where being a Christian is a matter of life or death.  They willingly and daily choose to proclaim the message of salvation found in Jesus Christ alone, no matter what the cost.  Accepting the cost rather than deny their Savior. 
Lord, may I be a brave and courageous person when the time of testing comes. 

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Yeah!!! Courageous

“Courageous” is the new movie that the producers of “Facing the Giants” and Fireproof” are starting production on.  To that I say “Yeah”.  I thank the people at Sherwood Pictures for their efforts to produce good Christian entertainment that is God honoring and encouraging to Christians.  I can hardly wait for the new movie to come out and look forward to your future productions.