Medical Judgment by Richard L. Mabry – Mixed Emotions


I’ve read several of Richard Mabry’s novels and looked forward to reading his newest book Medical Judgment.  I like suspense and books where Christian writers include faith as part of the character’s development.  Richard Mabry includes the element of medicine which is drawn from his years of experience as a medical doctor.  Unfortunately, I have some mixed feeling on this book.

I liked and appreciated faith of not only the main character, Dr. Sarah Gordon, but also the several other characters including Detective Bill Larson who was investigating the threats against Sarah, her friend Kyle Andrews and Pastor Steve Farber.  I liked the character Connie, a nurse in the ER.  She seemed like solid Christian who truly cared about people.  She was honest and open with her faith.

The narrative at the end the chapters, from the perspective of the stalker, was effective in creating a suspense.  I also appreciate that the author doesn’t resort to filthy language or sexually inappropriate scenes.  Also, I really liked the character towards the end of the book veterinarian, Dr. Brad Selleck, he seemed like the most well-adjusted and healthy of the bunch.

Now to some of the things that I didn’t care for.

The main character Dr. Sarah Gordon got a little irritating after a while.  She seemed slow to admit she had a serious problem and that she needed to take steps to protect herself.  She whined about setting her security system just about every time she set it.  Enough already!  It was a little repetitive.  It surprised me that the security system did not include cameras.  At times Sarah seems scatterbrained which doesn’t really seem in sync with someone who is an emergency room physician.  It didn’t ring true to me that Sarah could have had a dog at home for less than a day and she misses him so much when he’s being treated at the vet’s office.

I struggled with the character Kyle Andrews who seemed very presumptuous, obsessive and bordered on creepy at times.  He talked about his faith, but not until the end did he seem to recognize that perhaps his actions were not done with the purest motives.  At times I wondered if Kyle was really a true Christian.  When he is obviously sinning he didn’t have the Holy Spirit reining him in.

Theologically, there were a couple things that were off.  On page 181, Kyle is recalling what Pastor Steve told him about grief and when bad things happen.  Specifically, I take issue with this sentence, “He’d assured Kyle that God didn’t cause bad things to happen, but after they did, God would provide the help needed to get through them.”  This doesn’t quite square with the sovereignty of God.  Also, on page 184, Detective Bill Larson prayed for someone who was dead.

I think this book could have been a little shorter and left off some of the repetitive actions and thinking of the characters.  The ending seemed to occur really quickly after a longtime getting there.  There were a lot of potential suspects and I couldn’t figure out who done it.  I would like to have seen the Pastor not included in the list of suspects, and instead just been a stable and good solid influence.

Medical Judgment by Richard Mabry is not great and not horrible, it’s okay.  While this book wasn’t his best, I still look forward to reading future books by author Richard Mabry.

I would like to thank Net Galley and Abingdon Press for the opportunity to read Medical Judgement by Richard Mabry in exchange for an honest review.


Critical Condition…WOW!

_225_350_Book.1168.coverIf you like mystery, intrigue and suspense, look no further than Richard L. Mabry’s newest book Critical Condition.  I love it when I find a good writer who is new to me, because that means I’ll be able to go back and read his earlier work.

Critical Condition is the first book that I’ve read by Richard L. Mabry M.D. and I wasn’t disappointed.  He skillfully draws the reader in to the storyline and reveals the characters, almost like pealing an onion, layer by layer you learn about the characters and what motivates them and what brought them to this place and how will it end.

Dr. Mabry brings a different twist to mystery novels.  The story includes characters who are doctors and the reader gets to view the events through the different lens of medicine.

The story is fast paced and more than once kept me up late because I didn’t want to put the book down.  I can tell a good book when it leaves me thinking about the characters and try to figure out what will happen even when I’m not reading the book.

I especially appreciated how Dr. Mabry has interwoven faith into the storyline through the characters as they struggle with and grow in their faith.  Faith seemed to be a natural part of the characters, not just something thrown in because this a book by a Christian author.  I appreciate a writer who doesn’t have to turn to immorality to tell a good story

I give a big thumbs up to Critical Condition by Richard L. Mabry M.D.  I look forward to reading more novels by this writer.

I would like to thank the people at BookLook for giving me a copy of Critical Condition to read and review.  I was under no obligation to give a favorable review.