Struggling Prayer

I wonder…are those times when I struggle with prayer indicative of my lack of commitment and surrender to God’s will.

When I fail to submit to God’s will…is that because I’ve failed to remember Who He is? Is it because I’ve forgotten or that I don’t trust His character and remember that He alone is worthy and trustworthy?

Is it me putting myself and my will before God and His plan?

Do I fail to trust Him because I don’t know Him?

When He calls do I answer…or do I tune Him out with the distraction of today?

Do I not know God because I have failed to diligently study the Word of God?

Is it because I’ve failed to apply the Word of God to my life, my choices, my actions and allow it to shape my will?

Do I pursue God as the big genie who is all knowing and all powerful and able to answer my prayers…because He can do anything?

Or do I pursue God Himself…and desire to know Him more and more?

Am I more focused on what I can do and how I should do it instead of humbly bowing before the throne of God…seeking His will, His knowledge, His wisdom, and His strength…the will to obey?

Do I seek to accomplish things on my own strengthen rather than fight the battle on my knees?

Last year…and earlier this year when I was still bent on having my life the way I wanted it…my relationship with God was blocked. I don’t even think I was aware of my lack of surrender. Once I surrendered to God and His will for my life…even when it was not to my liking or my choice…I had a peace with God that had been lacking.

Thankfully our relationship with God is one that grows. As we learn about Him, submit to Him and His will for us and our lives…we grow. Where I was 10 years ago is not where I’m at today. Most assuredly where I am today…will not be where I’m at 10 years from now.

Part of what will make heaven, heaven is that I will see God, Jesus Christ for Who He really is. I won’t get in the way. I will have a consistently proper high view of God and a realistic low view of me.

Just think…in heaven…there will be no whining, complaining or disagreements. There will be no gossip or slander. There will be no hatred. Everyone will be in agreement with God and what He says. What God declares good is good and what God declares sin…is sin. Truth will be declared…no lies permitted. Instead of struggling with my sinful human nature…it will be changed. I will no longer be ruled by the sinful desires of my flesh…and my heart will truly and fully pursue God.

Even so…come quickly Lord Jesus, Amen, Amen and so be it!

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