Fresh Faith

One of the reasons I love to study the Bible is that each time I study a passage, whether it’s for the first time or the tenth…it’s fresh and new and applies to me right where I am.
Just recently I listened to Beth Moore’s “Believing God” study during my drive time.  I think that this was the third time I’ve heard the study.  The last time was back in the summer of 2006…a pivotal and transitional year for me.  Both personally and professionally.  God used that study to help me during a turbulent time. 
But I must say that what I learned back then pales in comparison to what I learned this time.  So much so that I listened to many of the CDs at least twice this go around.  There was so much good material that it was hard to take it all in during one sitting. 
As I was driving home tonight…listening to a different study, I marveled at what I was hearing.  Then I got to thinking…what’s the difference between what I’m hearing now compared to three years ago? 

  • Back then did I have a hard, unbelieving heart?
  • Was there a lack of spiritual maturity?
  • Or do I have a hunger and thirst for God’s word today that was missing a few years ago?
  • If so…how did it develop?
  • More importantly…how do I continue to grow and not grow cold in my love for God and His word?
I see the power in God’s word and the necessity for prayer that I didn’t fully understand back then.  I want to know Him more and I want to dwell in His presence.  I want Jesus Christ to be my All in all.

A Differnt Pace

This summer I’m finding that my life is going at a different pace in many respects. Make no mistake, following our recent move to our first home, Chris and I are finding out we could be busy every moment of the day and still have things left undone. But thankfully we are a little less busy during the summer months than during the school year.

We are both involved in an in depth Bible studies during the year. Chris attends Community Bible Study and I go to a Bible Study Fellowship class in Santa Ana. The studies go from September through May. Both studies are in depth and require an investment of time.

I’m so grateful for Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). I’ve learned so much over the years. BSF tends to spoil me for other Bible studies, because in comparison they are not as disciplined.

Each summer I find it hard to stay focused when left to my own devises. Sometimes I’ll start a study and before you know it…it’s September and I realize I didn’t complete what I started. There is something about the group dynamic and sharing with other students that holds me accountable and energizes me to study and share what I’ve learned. When studying on my own…I find I greatly miss studying God’s word with a group of women who love the Lord and desire to know Him more.

This summer I felt God leading me to study the Psalms of Ascent through Beth Moore’s study, “Stepping Up”. I already had the audio CD’s but decided to download the video sessions through Lifeway Christian Stores. I thought perhaps if I watch the video…it will fill in the gap that’s missing when I’m studying on my own. So far, so good.

Beth’s studies are much different than BSF. BSF requires me to dig deep and answer more questions about the text we are studying. However though Beth’s studies…I find it helps me to see God in a more personal way. To see the people of the Bible as real people, just like you and me and apply the lessons from their lives to my own.

At church this summer, the normal Wednesday night Bible study has taken a break. As a result…my husband Chris and I are going to hear Bible study teacher David Hocking as he goes through the book of Numbers. Being that I just finished studying it in BSF I’m familiar with the passages…but find that David plumbs the depths of the passage because he can go at a slower pace…going verse by verse, chapter by chapter. He’s not up against the schedule of the school year. Going through the study again helps reinforce the lessons from God’s word.

At the beginning of summer I was perturbed that BSF had concluded for the school year and that our church Bible study was taking a break. I thought…Satan doesn’t take a break and neither should we since we are in the middle of a spiritual battle. But then God convicted my heart. He helped me to see that I wanted something handed to me. I wanted to take the easy and familiar road. But instead…it’s important that I take the time to pursue God and continue to study His word…even when my regular studies break. It gives me a chance to see God and His word through different teachers.

So while Beth’s study is different than BSF…I’m learning to look closer at God and how He cares about each of us and is involved in our circumstances. It’s a different pace…but a good one. One that allows me to sit on the glider in our backyard and study while the sun goes down. I do believe that it’s a setting even Beth would enjoy and feel at home while studying God’s word.

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Stepping Up

This summer in an attempt to stay in the word of God, I decided to work on Beth Moore’s study, “Stepping Up, A journey through the Psalms of Ascent”.

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), which I participate in during the school year, breaks during the summer. At church this year, our Wednesday night Bible study is also taking a break for summer.

My natural tendency is to be lazy or let everything that is urgent push out the important and necessary things of life. Things like studying God’s word so that I may know Him better. Thus…I need something so that I can be disciplined and study God’s word regularly. If left to my own devises I wouldn’t study passages in depth. But with the abundant resources that are available these days I can stay in God’s word…even when my regular studies break.

I’ve grown to really appreciate Beth Moore’s Bible studies because I see the people in the passages as real people not characters in some fictional story. The lessons God is teaching through their lives I’m able to apply to me. Through Beth’s studies…I’m learning to look deeper into God’s word.

In going through the introductory session there were a number of thoughts that resonated with me.

  • What I’m going through here and now is just a flash compared to eternity.
  • Wherever I’m at now is not where I’m staying…I’m passing through.
  • This is not where it ends…I’m on a pilgrimage to Mt Zion…my heavenly Jerusalem.
  • Time is short…and the finish line is in sight. I need to keep moving and run the race to win.
  • Blessed (happy) is the man whose strength is in You, whose heart is set on pilgrimage.

These thoughts touched me because of challenging circumstances in my life. You know the ones that leave you longing for the glorious and soon appearing of Jesus Christ.

I find even in challenging and difficult times…if I keep my eye on Jesus Christ and try to walk with an eternal perspective…it makes the daily load bearable. There is a purpose in what God allows in our lives.

That’s easier said than and done. But it’s made easier as I know God more and more through His word. Through daily study and prayer. Then when the bad times hit…I’ve developed a habit that will help me keep my bearings.

It comes down to a matter of trust. Am I going to trust Jesus Christ and who He is? Believe what He’s revealed about Himself in His word? Remember His faithfulness and merciful and gracious hand towards me in the past? Or am I going to look at my circumstances and doubt God? When I trust and believe God…I can trust my circumstances in the hand of the Master who loves me.

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Mean Girls

When Beth uttered the words
“Mean Girls”
Without elaboration I knew exactly what she meant

Her words brought uncomfortable laughter
From the audience of women
Who discretely examined their own attire

Immediately came to mind
The names and faces of those women
Who display their wares freely for all to see

A mean girl has been blessed
With a beautiful, attractive body
And she believes that’s where her self-worth lies

A mean girl thinks “it’s all about me”
She allows you to be her friend
So long as you both agree

Provocatively dressing
Tempting men to look or even stray
To contemplate what it would be like to be with the “other woman”

Her speech is flirtatious
Prompting a man to think
That it’s him that she truly desires

When in fact
Nothing could be further from the truth
But he has willingly fallen into the snare of the deceiver

What about that teenage mean girl
Where are her parents
When she’s walking out the door

What kind of dad let’s his daughter dress that way
Knowing full well
Boys aren’t just thinking that she looks pretty

Where a mom’s natural desire
To protect her daughter
Teach her modesty and that true beauty is found in the inward spirit

Mean girls can be found anywhere
With cleavage prominently displayed
Short skirts revealing their shapely form

Lest you think
The mean girl is unaware
Of her effect on men

Don’t be naïve
Her dress is done with purpose
Her intent is to attract attention

Her power and drive
Her self esteem
Is rooted in her ability to make a man look

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
February 24, 2009

The above poem was inspired by Beth Moore’s study in Esther. In Session 3 Beth talks about how it’s hard to be a women in a mean world. Sometimes that mean world includes “mean girls” who are lurking and tempting our husbands, sons, brothers and friends with their provocative revealing dress. While I’d like to believe that there are no mean girls in church…at times it seems there isn’t a lot of difference between those in the church and those in the world. The other day I heard a quote that rang true. They said “where there is a low view of God…there is a low view of sin”. What was once viewed as sinful is no longer seen in the light of God’s holiness.

Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel— rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God. – 1 Peter 3:3-4

Dependable Faith…Tried, Tested & True

At times the topic of faith seems like the subject du jour. If I’m not in the middle of a crisis…I’m analyzing the last one I went through…examining my successes and failures. Sometimes it feels like for every time I get it right…trust God and believe Him in faith…I falter and fail twice as much.

At times I feel that my faith walk with God should in reality be called my faith wrestle with God. I feel like such a faith failure and wonder why God ever bothered to choose me. A Christian having failure of faith…probably isn’t the best witness to an unbelieving world. But I found reassurance when I heard Beth Moore say that when you wrestle with someone…it’s up close and personal. You are right there with them.

So while my wrestling may not be pretty….it’s real and honest. Maybe the best thing to take away from it…I’m still there wrestling…I’m hanging in and hanging on. Hanging on to Jesus.

In the past couple of days…I recorded some random thoughts about faith…and trusting God. Believing that He is who He says He is and that He can do what He says He can do.

When I pray and God is not answering my prayers…I know God can act and in the past has acted. But for whatever reason…He chooses not to do so now. At those times…I just don’t understand. I don’t know why He chooses not to answer some prayers. Sometimes getting over that faith barrier seems insurmountable when I’m not able to do anything to move the hand of God.

I won’t know for sure this side of heaven why God permits some things. But if I might suggest this…God wants me to praise Him and trust Him even when the answer is no. Look at Job and how much affliction he suffered unabated for so long. I think part of it is surrendering to His will and continuing to know that He is good…even when it doesn’t feel like it. Will I continue to trust Him…will I continue to reach out and pray anyway? Will I praise Him when the answer is not forthcoming or the answer is no?

Sometimes it’s harder to trust God when my prayer is unanswered than when His answer is no.

With a human being…if they have the ability to do something good and help…but refuse to help it reflects poorly on their character and heart. But the same does not hold true with God. His purposes are not only our immediate present here and now. He is looking at a greater good…and heavenly eternal lasting rewards. I want relief right now. Sometimes that will not achieve His greater plan. Thus His ways are higher than our ways…His thoughts are not our thoughts.

I think perhaps it’s about surrendering at a heart level. Knowing and believing that God is good and that He does love me…even when He allows pain and hurt and loneliness to continue…even when I don’t understand it.

I remember one of Pastor Philip De Courcy’s messages at Kindred Community Church….it was called Back from the Dead? He said that Jesus said to Mary and Mary…”For your sake I’m glad he’s dead…” Philip paused there and expanded on why Jesus…and God the Father may be glad in our pain and sorrow. Because He is in the process of working out a greater good.

His eyes are focused…far beyond…He can see the good in our immediate pain and difficulty. He knows how He’s changing us and using our circumstances to grow us…or to reach others. So…yes…in some respects God does want us to experience pain. But not for ill or bad purposed…but for good…and greater glory.

Doesn’t feel too good now does it. To know that there is One who is able to help…but He doesn’t. It hurts. My friend Mike Paddison recently observed that unanswered pray feels like rejection. Never thought of it like that…but yes it’s an apt description.

As I’m going back through and listening to Pastor Chuck Obremski’s Luke study…I’m relearning a lot about faith. Pastor Chuck reminded us that faith isn’t real until it’s tested. It can’t be depended upon until it’s tested. There are days I don’t like buying that notion…but honestly Chuck’s faith was among the most real that I’ve seen.
Faith that is purified and refined…goes through the fire. Will mine come out as pure gold?

Speak Lord, Thy Servant Heareth

With the busyness of the holidays and a brief break from the usual Bible studies and church related activities…I have felt a silence from God. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been distracted…this servant has not had ears to hear.

This week…I’m starting to get back into my normal schedule…which includes a prayer meeting and a couple of Bible studies during the week.

In recent months…I was listening to Beth Moore’s Bible studies…and oh how God speaks to me through her personal and powerful teaching. But a few weeks ago…as I was about to pop in one of Beth’s CDs…and I thought “No…I want to hear the study of Luke”.

Shortly after Kindred Community Church became a church, our Pastor Chuck Obremski started a study in the book of Luke. That study lasted 87 weeks…and it is a phenomenal study. During the course of the study…Pastor Chuck was diagnosed with cancer…thus began his “cancer coaster”…and as a church we were on the cancer coaster with Chuck and his family. While I had attended the study live…I had forgotten how awesome that study was.

Going back and hearing it again…takes my breath away. Each week the Gospel was preached…and no one could sit in class and not hear of their need for a Savior and that the Savior is Jesus Christ. The word of God is so powerful and it transforms lives. It is with delight and awe I am listening the Luke study again.

Today…God in His sometimes not so subtle way…had a few messages for me.

As Chuck taught about the parable of the sowers in Luke 8…he brought it home by reminding us that we have to use what God has given us or it will be taken away.

“He replied, ‘I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but as for the one who has nothing, even what he has will be taken away. – Luke 19:26

When I heard that verse…I didn’t have to think how that applied to me. I knew immediately that the Holy Spirit was reminding me that God has given me a measure of faith. The question is…am I believing God? Am I exercising my faith? Or am I like the fool who buries his treasure? Make no mistake…faith is more valuable than all the treasures on earth…but only when it exercised.

When I fail to exercise my faith…when I choose to believe the lies of the enemy…then my measure of faith that God has given me will be taken away. Actually I will have surrendered it. Do you know any men or women of great faith? Do you find yourself admiring their faith…and wishing you had a powerful deep abiding faith like they do? Well God wants to make each of us great men and women of faith.

There is an issue in my life that has been one of the biggest areas where I struggle with faith. That’s with regards to being single. This is where I allow my hurt and loneliness to cause me to believe the lies of the enemy. That God doesn’t love me or care for me…and that He will never change my circumstances.

I see what’s going on around me in the lives of unbelievers and believers alike…and I hear Satan reminding me that God has provided them with a spouse…or has allowed them to live together outside of marriage seemingly no consequence to something that God has clearly stated is wrong.

It’s so easy to turn my inability to understand what God is doing…and His plan and timing into doubt and unbelief. But when I do that…I’m falling right into the hands of the enemy. I’m handing over the measure of faith that God has given me. Instead of shoring up my mind with scripture that reminds me of God’s faithfulness…I give in to defeat.

God continued His message to me tonight through our study in Revelation 12. Elder Dave Dunn reminded us that those who believe Satan’s lie that God is a liar…have abdicated their faith over to the enemy. It’s what he’s been doing since the beginning. He did it with Eve when he questioned, “Did God really say…?” And he continues to use that which has been very successful to this day.

There are times I’m a little slow on the uptake…so God made sure that He reinforced the message as I drove home from Bible study. I was listening to Chuck teach on four meaty verses.

“Now it happened, on a certain day, that He got into a boat with His disciples. And He said to them, “Let us cross over to the other side of the lake.” And they launched out. But as they sailed He fell asleep. And a windstorm came down on the lake, and they were filling with water, and were in jeopardy. And they came to Him and awoke Him, saying, “Master, Master, we are perishing!” Then He arose and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water. And they ceased, and there was a calm. But He said to them, “Where is your faith?” And they were afraid, and marveled, saying to one another, “Who can this be? For He commands even the winds and water, and they obey Him!” – Luke 8:22-25

Now this is a story I’m very familiar with…I’ve heard so many times before. But I never heard this before, “Where is your faith?”.

Indeed…where is my faith God? I have surrendered it too many times to the enemy. I’ve believed his lies…that You don’t love me, or care for me and won’t act in my situation.

The other thing that struck me…is that the storm was stilled immediately. The disciples fretted and worried needlessly before they awoke Jesus. In nothing flat He attended to their needs.

It will take no effort for God to change my life and my situation. With just a word…He can rebuke the enemy and answer my prayers. The question is…where is my faith? In Whom is my faith? Will I choose to exercise my faith?

As Dave taught us tonight he said one thing in particular grabbed me. He said that God had used Paul so much because he had yielded, obeyed and submitted himself to God. Dave challenged us to do the same. God desires to use each of us greatly if we will but yield, obey and submit ourselves to Him. For me part of that is having faith and believing God even the storm wails about me…when the dark clouds obstruct the sun…and waves threaten to sink my boat.

Right now that stormy sea is an apt description of my struggle with faith. I’m like the father who cried out to Jesus, “I believe, help me with my unbelief.”

Old Woman Sight Walking Faith is Dead

Not sure how much of an inkling I had at some of the ugly stuff that would be revealed as I delve into my faith…in my study of Believing God.

I never wanted to do therapy…because I figure I’ve already lived the bad stuff…I don’t want to waste even one more moment of my life dwelling on it. But I’m starting to see the importance of examining the outworking of my faith compared to what God says it should be…and what pleases Him.

Boy oh boy…am I coming up short! And folks…it ain’t pretty. As the days and weeks go by in this study…I hope to better understand why my faith is so weak. But right now all I’m seeing is my failure of faith.

God makes it very clear in His word…that He desires for us to have faith and to believe Him. He even rewards our faith. Reading Hebrews 11….the Hall of Faith…I am in awe of what these people endured and how they maintained their focus on God and His promises. They didn’t waver with doubt and unbelief…nor were they concerned on how God would accomplish what He had promised. Instead they stood steadfast and resolute in believing their God.

Faith, trust and believing God is a way to glorify and honor Him…it pleases Him. Can you imagine a child who is fearful and concerned about how her parent will provide and take care of her? That surely wouldn’t speak too well of that parent now would it? But in this instance…my lack of faith and trust…doesn’t speak well of me.

I find it kind of amazing that God delights and rewards those who believe and trust Him in faith. But when I look at a parent…don’t they delight in doing good things for their child? Don’t they take great pleasure in bringing happiness and joy to their child? How much more so God?

When I look at Abraham…I marvel at his great faith. I ask myself…if God called me to sacrifice my only child….would I obey? If I obeyed…would I be quick to do so and not question God?

Am I going to believe God…and who He says He is? Trust what He says He will do? Or am I going to believe my circumstances…and only what I can see? I’m quite adept at sight walking faith. But God wants me to walk by faith…and I’ve failed that test miserably.

It’s easy to believe what’s in front of me and what I can see. It requires effort, faith and work to know God’s word…and His character as revealed in the Bible. In a different context the Bible tells me that I am to deny myself, pick up my cross and follow Jesus. Since doubt and unbelief is so ingrained in me…wouldn’t I be denying myself and following Jesus when I choose to believe Him by faith? So often…I think of denying myself in terms of denying certain pleasures…but perhaps that command encompasses even more than that.

As I look at my faith…and my poor track record…I realize that I’m not able to achieve this on my own…that God will have to give me the faith to believe Him. The Holy Spirit is going to be doing double duty…bringing to mind the scriptures I’ve studied…to help keep me walking by faith.

Sight walking faith has bigger consequences than just loosing out on blessings in this world. It also affects my prayer life. When I doubt my God…do I bring everything to Him by prayer and petition…and present my request to Him? Am I faithful to bring unbelieving friends and family before the throne of God and beseech Him for mercy and for their salvation? How many people are praying for them…for their hurts and needs? How many cry out to God for their salvation? Shouldn’t my voice be lifted up to God in heaven…that He would save their souls? What will I be feeling in heaven when the books are closed and people that I could have prayed for aren’t there?

Am I willing to deny myself…my doubt and unbelief…and trust God in faith? Am I willing to turn away from sight walking faith…and walk by faith through the power of the Holy Spirit within me?

Oh Lord…please help me. You know how I have failed, time and time again. You are going to have to give me the faith…because I am frail and weak in my faith…and unable to believe on my own. Help me to believe You and trust You. Help me to walk by faith. Thank you Jesus…that I am a new creation in You.

To quote Clarence Thomas’ grandfather Meyer Anderson, “Old Man Can’t is dead, I know, I buried him myself.”

Old Woman Sight Walking Faith is dead…I know because she was crucified with Christ. She was born again…and is now called Walking by Faith.

God…would you consider adding a verse Hebrews 11? Something like this, “By faith Susan…”

Believing God Is Hard Work

As I start again the Beth Moore study Believing God…I’m finding that I’m going to be challenging some strongholds of doubt and unbelief in my life. Some of the ugly places…the things that I don’t think that I should have as a Christian.

There are times I wonder if I’m an aberration in the body of Christ? Am I the only one who struggles with doubt and unbelief?

Things like struggling with prayer. Do my prayers make a difference…or am I just wasting God’s time? After all…His will is going to happen anyway…shouldn’t I just submit instead?

No I shouldn’t surrender to the enemy’s lies that my prayers don’t matter. That’s what the person who most hates me in the whole entire world wants me to believe. He doesn’t want me to see and know that God loves me, cares about me and wants me to come to Him in faith, believing that He is good and entrusting Him with my concerns…and even the desires of my heart.

Satan wants me to doubt God. Doubt His goodness and doubt His character. He wants me to remain ignorant of God’s word. Or if I know what He says…to at least not believe it. Not believe that it applies to me personally. That what God promises in His word to His people…applies to me Susan.

When I don’t believe in a good God…one who loves me…it makes it harder to take my requests to Him in prayer. Why would I trust something that is most precious to me…to Someone who doesn’t loves me?

Satan likes to remind me daily…hourly…of how God has failed me…delayed…just plain not answered the prayer that is most important to me. He takes me on a tour of my life…to see how God has allegedly failed me. How He has turned His back on me…and just doesn’t care. He doesn’t love me…and I’m not worth it. That is the path of doubt and unbelief that the enemy likes to take me down.

While doing my first day’s homework…God reminded me that believing Him is work…it takes effort. It’s a choice I need to make daily…hourly…minute by minute. It takes no effort to believe the lies I’m being fed by Satan. But it takes effort to know God and His Word…to raise my shield of faith. It’s is work and takes faith to believe God…even when the evidence around me would say otherwise.

Now if I’m believing God…I will instead say that God’s delay in answering my prayer in giving me the desires of my heart…is because He is in the process of growing and preparing me…and working on the man whom I will marry. That God has a perfect timing and plan for me that He put in place from before the foundations of the world. That He is able to make a marriage which seems late in coming…perfect in His time. That it will be rich and full…and well worth the wait. That I will one day say…now I understand why You waited God.

Believing God is work…and I have an enemy who wants me to doubt God. He can not steal away my salvation…but he can make my life so miserable that I don’t even want to live anymore. Why would I allow him that victory?

But I can see most clearly that I don’t have the power and ability to have the faith I need on my own. If I’m going to get through this study…if I’m going to believe God, trust Him, take my requests to Him…and in confidence know that He will answer according to His perfect plan and timing…then He will have to give me the faith to believe.

So God…that is my first prayer…please give me the faith to believe You. I can’t do it on my own. So if You want me to believe…have faith…a powerful faith that brings down strongholds and exposes the lies of the enemy…then You will have to give it to me…fill me with faith. As Your word says…I can come confidently before Your throne with my requests…because I come to You in Christ Jesus my Lord.

Faith please…please give me the faith to believe God.


“Loser”…that was what I speculated that Jesus might greet me with when I enter heaven.

Instead of the much desired words, “Well done good and faithful servant” Jesus might be taking me aside and whispering some different words. Words like “Stupid…just what about faith didn’t you get? Why did you fail to trust me? Why was your faith so small? Do you have any idea what I wanted to do in and through you if only you had trusted me? Instead you chose to believe the lies of the enemy. Why?”

Not sure I’ll have a lot of answers to those questions…except to confirm that yes…I am spiritually stupid…and if left to my own devises…I am a loser.

After Bible study this evening the conversation ventured onto the subject of faith. I commented that today was such a low faith day. I got to wondering what it’s like for great men and women of faith.

My own beloved former Pastor Chuck Obremski…was a man of deep faith. When trials and tribulation struck…he dug deeper still into God’s word. God strengthened his faith and enabled him to stand against the attacks of the enemy. Not with wavering faith…or doubting faith. But faith that was firm because of the solid foundation upon which it rested.

Another person who strikes me as having a great big faith in a huge God who can not be contained…is Beth Moore. The woman takes my breath away…as I see her unpack and explore God’s word. I see God afresh and new and a very personal God who cares.

When I see such examples of faith walked out before me…I hunger and thirst for such faith, love and passion for God and His word.

Last week when I struggled with faith…God encourage me with the words, “Only believe!” To feed and encourage my faith I decided to feast on faith in the form of Beth Moore’s Bible study “Believing God”. It was just the right study at the right time. Each CD I listen to…I find God dealing with another area of weakness or doubt that I’ve allowed to creep in.

I desire so to have my faith grow and be firmly rooted in God and His word. But I tremble with fear that my desire might get off track. That I may be tempted to make it about my faith instead of about my God. My faith is only as good, big and strong as my God. He alone is the prize.

When my focus is on God…my faith is big. When my focus is on the truth of His word…then my faith is strong and rests on a firm foundation. When my faith is on my circumstances…my faith is negligible, weak and will topple. It’s not a question of if…but when. I know that…I’ve lived that, I know it well. Yet time and time and time again…I fall into the same trap. Why? Thus you can see why I fear Jesus will accurately call me “Stupid”.

If my salvation was dependant on me…instead of “Well done good and faithful servant”…I’d be hearing, “You just made it by the skin of your teeth”. Or worse yet “Away from me…I never knew you”. Thankfully my salvation is secure in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross paying the penalty for my sin debt in full.

But my faith…that’s another matter. That is something that God gives me…but I also need to participate and grow my faith. Grow it through prayer and knowing God and who He is and what He says in the Bible.

Where’s my focus? Is it on God…or me? Do I only look at the past and see what has been? Or do I look at my God…and in faith believe and trust Him knowing that He is able to accomplish what concerns me today…and tomorrow? That which is impossible with man is possible with God? Do I have the assurance that nothing is impossible with God? Am I mindful that without faith it is impossible to please God?

On a side note…why would I willingly and knowingly let the enemy who desires to bring me harm win? Why? Just tell me why?

The Next Leg

Tears of sorrow and praise,
Fall down and mingle,
Our hearts will never forget,
The one who ran the first leg of our race.

In eager anticipation,
We look to You, oh Lord,
Humbly we plead,
For the one whom You have called to come serve.

We offer thanksgiving,
For those who faithfully executed,
Bore the responsibility,
Searched diligently until he was found.

They faced a daunting task,
Through Your power alone,
Withstood the enemy’s attacks accurately aimed,
To prevent Your Word from reaching the world.

We praise You,
For the Elders that You raised up,
With uncompromised commitment to obey,
To call him who will preach Your Word.

Eternal security of those not yet saved,
Weighs in the balance,
Only the truth of Your Word,
Will save them to the uttermost.

By Susan Bunts
September 2, 2007

The above poem is dedicated first and foremost to Christ Jesus my Lord and His sacrifice on the cross…saving this sinner to the uttermost. He was faithful to answer our prayers and petitions to bring us a new Pastor. We at Kindred Community Church are humbled and most grateful for all that He’s done. First He gave us a servant by the name of Chuck Obremski…who sought Him with all his heart, mind, soul and strength. Through the power and work of the Holy Spirit…our dear Pastor laid a firm solid foundation based upon the Word of God.

When God called our beloved Pastor home…the search began for one who would pick up the next leg of the race. Our church Elders appointed members of our church…godly Christians mature in their faith to search for our next Pastor. We didn’t know how long the process would take…but it took almost two years for God’s plan to come to fruition.

I am most grateful and filled with praise and thanksgiving to share the news that the Search Committee members recommended a man who would soon be called by our church Elders to answers God’s call to serve the body of Christ at Kindred Community Church.

On Sunday…our Elders shared the good news that Pastor Philip De Courcy had accepted God’s call.

As soon as I heard who was to be named our new Pastor…I searched his current church’s website. I wanted to see what this man looks like…but more importantly how he preaches. Does he stick to the word of God…or fill it with meaningless fluff? I downloaded several messages and started to listen.

Tears filled my eyes…and I wanted to weep as I heard a man who boldly preached the word of God. Thank you Jesus!

Now lest you think that I will be feeling right fine sitting there every Sunday as Pastor De Courcy preaches…you are sadly mistaken. I can assure you that within minutes of listening to this dear man…God used him to convict my heart of sin. Not a blatant outward sin that the world may know…but one that is just as corrupting. Sin that unless purged makes me unfit in my Christian walk. One that will cause a break in fellowship with a Holy, Righteous God. But also sin that has been cleansed by the blood of Jesus shed upon the cross.

Pastor Philip De Courcy comes from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio. Although he will soon make a trek from the Midwest…he brings with him and Irish brogue…much to my heart’s delight. Our dear Pastor hails from Ireland. Now isn’t that lovely?

Recently when listening to a Beth Moore Bible Study called “A Woman’s Heart”…she brought up the point of whose voices are we listening too. For a married woman…the voice she hears the most is her husband. But what other voices do we allow to influence us because we regularly partake.

As a single woman…I am ever cognizant of the fact that I have no husband…no godly man to share my life with. But I still have an influence from other’s voices. I got to thinking about whose voices have most impacted my life. Obviously my parents when I was young…and those voices tend to never leave your head…both the good and bad messages.

Of the other influences in my life…one primary one was my beloved Pastor Chuck Obremski. It was my great privilege to sit under his expositional Bible study and teaching for six years. In addition, I have all the CDs from his teaching that have been made available. If you pull alongside my car…you will likely hear Chuck’s voice. Another influence I recently discovered is Beth Moore…and I have hungrily devoured her teaching. She is wonderful…and shares insights into God’s word that are most precious to me.

From a secular standpoint…Dennis Prager has been a huge influence on my life. I go back to his early days on the radio with “Religion on the Line” every Sunday night. To this day…I’m eager to listen to his program…now via podcast. For about the last eight or so years…I’ve been listening to Hugh Hewitt. Hugh was my voice of 911. That’s the program I was listening to when the planes struck the twin towers in New York. Hugh is the one influenced me to join the world of blogging.

Now this dear man Pastor Philip De Courcy will become a man who will greatly influence my life. I praise God that Pastor De Courcy is a man wholly devoted to preaching the full counsel of God’s word. That he has a love and reverence for God…and a love for people. A desire to reach the unsaved world with the Gospel message.

When I listened to Pastor De Courcy’s first words…I was aware that one day this man will be near and dear to my heart. That one day…we at Kindred will grow to love and hold him most dear. One day…he too will be my beloved Pastor. He will never replace Pastor Chuck…but he will be a fine compliment for the one who will pick up the next leg of the race.

2/13/07 At the End of the Day…Providential Dear Watson

I both hate and love it…all at the same time when I come to the end of a book that I’ve enjoyed reading. I hate it, in part, because I miss the interaction and rapport that I develop with an author that I connect with while reading their book.

The other reason I hate coming to the end of a good book…is because I then have to decide which will be my next book on deck. It’s not for lack of materials…but because I have a plethora of reading materials vying for my attention.

Recently I came to the end of “I’m Not Wonder Woman, But God Made Me Wonderful!” by Sheila Walsh. I discovered this wonderful woman and writer following the Women of Faith conference in September of 2006. I felt God had arranged an appointment for me to attend that conference. When Sheila spoke…God touched my heart, my very tender and hurting heart with His healing touch. He continued to use Sheila’s words to minister to me and heal some broken emotions. So I was saddened to have that book end…I felt like I was leaving a friend.

Then choosing day was upon me. Decision, decisions…which book shall I read next. I had a couple in mind, “Living the Extraordinary Life” by Charles Stanley or “Get Out of That Pit” by Beth Moore.

Part of me thought I should select “Living the Extraordinary Life”. I had listened to Dr. Stanley’s message on the Extraordinary Life while speaking at a rally in Washington D.C. It was one of his best sermons…and I know I will love the book.

But for some reason…I was drawn to “Get Out of That Pit” by Beth Moore. It didn’t take long to discover why. After just a couple of pages…God reached out to me through this woman of God to help me see my need for a supernatural help in my circumstances…which at times have left me feeling quite desperate or in despair.

Not only did I start the book…but I wanted to “turbo” my intake and application of this book…so I got the book on CD too. Still in the middle of both…and soon hope to write a bit about the book.

When looking up some info on Beth Moore I discovered from her website of Living Proof Ministries that Beth and her daughter Amanda have jumped into the world of blogging.

Kind of like Miss Teresa at Canadian Blogger…these women have a great love and passion for Jesus Christ and a love for His children. I will be marking it as a favorite…and visit regularly. Check out Beth’s website and blog. I give a big thumbs up to reading “Get Out of That Pit”. Especially if you find your own feet are stuck in the miry clay of some deep, dark, dank, dreary pit that you can’t seem to get out of.

Welcome to the bloggesphere Beth and Amanda! Blog on!