Under the Radar

Disobedience here
O rebellious and fallen one
I have a deliciously bad report
About the saints who are the apple of our Enemy’s eye
While they will never join us in hell
We are able to render them powerless to an unbelieving world
They stand in their pews and sing loudly
About the wonder working power of the blood of the Lamb
They pray that God will forgive their trespasses
As they forgive those who trespass against them
All the while they hold on to unforgiveness in their heart
I especially relish their unforgiveness towards another saint
They read their scriptures
Assured that God remembers their sins no more
Yet they have a tally sheet of the sins committed against them
Their memories are like a steal trap
Their Father in heaven has put their sins
As far as the east is from the west
But they hold offenses close to their heart
Ponder them daily to justify their disobedience
My favorite is the saint who thinks they have forgiven
Yet refuses to fellowship with one whom they will spend eternity with
God tells His saints
That the world will know they are Christians by their love
God reminds them if they love Him
They will obey His commandments
Yet somehow the sin of unforgiveness
Slips under the radar
The command to forgive
Is easily pushed aside as they nurse an old wound
As such…unforgiveness is a marvelous tool
To render the saints witness ineffective
Well I’m off now…back to work
As I seek to steal their joy and peace
Susan Bunts Wachtel
August 11, 2010

The Morning Report

Condemnation reporting for duty
Master, how grand
We’ve been given another day
To try and thwart God’s revealed plan

To try to keep one more human soul
From receiving salvation through Jesus Christ
To beat down and render His believers ineffective
With the baggage of their own sin

Let me tell you about yesterday’s successes
We have those mired in the muck of their own sin
Blinded to the fact that there is no one righteous
Not understanding that Christ died for them anyway

We have one who calls himself Christian
But temptation achieved great success
Causing him to turn away and fall into sin
Because he failed to take every thought captive

Now instead of sharing the Gospel message
He’s preoccupied with covering his own sin
Lest he be called a hypocrite
Justifying why he chose to do that which God declared sinful

With the holidays upon us
Opportunities abound
Christian thinks she will share the Gospel message
With family and friends yet unsaved

But we reminded her that they are unworthy sinners
Undeserving to receive forgiveness and salvation
Through the sacrificial atoning death
Of that Babe born in Bethlehem, lo so many years ago

We will provoke irritation and disgust
In self-righteousness she won’t want to have anything to do with them
Much less walk in love and be quick to forgive
She’ll abandon her plan to share the Gospel with the ones bound for hell

Instead she’ll be quick to condemn and slow to pray
Focused on the sinner and their sin
Oblivious to the real enemy
The hater of every human soul

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
January 1, 2009

May we be mindful that there is only one true enemy. He desires that we be focused on the sin not the sinner, so disgusted and put off that we won’t think them worthy of sharing the Gospel. In doing so we walk in the sin of pride and self righteousness.

Dissention…Reporting for Duty

Here I am boss

Reporting for duty

Have I got a good report for you

The assignment you gave

I executed with ease

As I got those tongues wagging

That place which seeks to be a beacon on a hill

Reflecting the Light of the world

Instead grew a little dimmer today

I started with those who are idle

Who have the time to talk

In no time at all…the seed of gossip blossomed

The trick is

When they are talking about others

They don’t have time to read the word of God

When they are negative and brooding

Completely lacking the joy of the Lord

They are not taking every thought captive

When they spend time

Debating about which songs should be sung

They don’t have the time to worship their Lord

When they set aside the diligent study of the Bible

How can they hold it up

To examine themselves in light of God’s word

When the rest on their laurels

Feel comfortable in their accomplishments

They won’t desire a fresh work of God in their life

When they fail to trust and respect

The leaders whom God raised up

A negative critical spirit takes its place

When they attempt to love on their own power

They will be unable to bear all things, nor hope and believe

Their love will never endure on its own

Some I will lure into exhaustion

Through pressing needs, good works and few helping hands

It’s there I will stir up resentment

May they bow their knee to their Lord

But never their will

There they can rest in a false sense of piety

Oh hater of their soul

The fruits of our labor

Are plentiful and abundant

May they never see it

Or recognize the handwriting of our work

It’s there we can turn them against one another

Render ineffective their witness

When they are focused on one another

They won’t remember to take the gospel to the lost and dying world

by Susan Bunts

September 23, 2008


Tonight, the Lord enabled me

To snatch victory from the jaws of the enemy

When I heard the word…a smile crossed my lips

“Yes Lord…forgive”

The battle began early

I felt pummeled…assaulted on every side


Subtle…but it was an effective attack

Who would recognize it

Trace it back…to the enemy

Who would recognize the handwriting

Scripted by the hater of my soul

It felt like a war

The enemy was on every front

It left me wounded and numb

Spent…barely able to lift my head

Then the “piece of resistance”

Words wielded…left me battered and bloody

Oh Lord…just get me through this day

Help me to not respond in kind

Understanding their true nature

Brought no comfort

Knowledge that they are but a puppet of the enemy

Was not a healing balm to my soul

But in the quiet…at the end of the day

I came to the end of my reserves

It was there that the Holy Spirit reminded me

Of my “new nature” in Christ

He’s the One

When He whispered the word, “Forgive”…peace filled my soul

He’s the One who will enable me to return the arena

Enter where the prowling lions seek to devour me

Yet I fear not…for He is the One

Who will shut tight the jaws that would otherwise crush me

Tonight…the Holy Spirit within

Enabled me to forgive

In doing so He snatched victory

From the deadly jaws of Satan

A powerful and effective foe to a created one

But a defeated foe to the Kind of kings and Lord of lords

By Susan Bunts

September 9, 2008

Dead in My Sin

Once upon a day I was dead in my sin,
Happy and content,
Most certain that all roads lead to God.

Raised in a home
Where the name of Christ,
A curse word uttered by father.

No Bible was found,
No prayers were uttered,
Sunday…time for leisure…no time for church.

Something inside me was stirred,
A longing, a desire,
For faith that others had.

Down wrong path,
Left to my own devises.

Witchcraft seemed so attractive,
So innocently portrayed,
By a sitcom that left me “Bewitched”.

Latchkey and alone,
The world of vampires,
Transported me to “Dark Shadows”.

Unbeknownst to me,
I was firmly on the path,
To hell and eternal separation from God.

So appealing,
Could I really find my way by looking to the stars?

Palm reading,
They promised,
The lines in my hand could reveal my future.

An Ouija board,
Contact with entities,
That could lead me to the other side.

Little did I know,
Of the world,
That would bid me to enter.

Disguised as angel of light,
Satan desired,
That I would share his same fate.

So seemingly innocuous,
A phrase from a movie,
“May the force be with you.”

Oh…but it was more than that.
New age philosophy,
Available at ever turn.

Edgar Casey,
The diaries of Seth,
I even found religion in a “new age church”.

There, no sin was acknowledge,
No Savior was needed,
The cross not necessary to pay the penalty for my sins.

After all, there was reincarnation,
I could advance on my own,
Until I could become one with an all loving god.

But God had a different plan.
From before the foundations of the world,
I was predestined for salvation.

While darkness threatened to overtake me,
Seal my fate for eternity,
God was going to take me from darkness to light.

Surrounded by Christians at every turn,
Forever talking about their Jesus,
Speaking truth from their Holy Bible.

How narrow minded they seemed,
They talked about One Way to salvation,
Through Jesus Christ, their Lord.

Our works could never be good enough,
Our righteousness was as filthy rags,
A sinner, born separated from God.

But Jesus Christ came,
Fully God and fully man,
He bore the penalty for my sin and was nailed to the cross.

He died,
Was buried for three days,
Then…He arose victorious, triumphant from the grave.

God is the One Who was offended,
Set the penalty…a heavy price for my sin,

He then provided the Way,
Jesus Christ…One with the Father,
Set His glory aside…and He willingly paid the price.

When Scripture was uttered,
The Holy Spirit bore witness,
Enable me, who was dead in my sin, to be alive in Christ.

I must agree with God, repent of my sin,
Believe in my heart, confess with my mouth,
That Jesus Christ is Lord.

At that moment,
I was snatched from hell to heaven,
Eternally secure, kept by my Father.

My salvation is secure,
My fate is certain,
I am saved, by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ my Lord.

By Susan Bunts
February 12, 2008

As one who was dead in my sin…and tried to find my way to God, anyway except through Jesus Christ…I can testify that I was saved by grace, not of my own works, but by God’s grace. He asks that I believe Him and confess Jesus Christ as Lord.

I was on the path to hell. I believed the lies of the enemy for so long. I was ready to follow any path where I could earn my way to heaven, based on my good works. Have God on my own terms…and have Him be my “big genie in the sky” and answer my every wish. I was blinded…self blinded…and deceived by the enemy…the hater of my soul. Make no mistake he is real and he knows his future is certain. He wants to take as many people to hell with him. He’ll give you whatever he can to keep you satisfied where you are at.

I was walking on the edge of hell. A precipice…and if I slipped I would have been there for eternity. A place where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth and unimaginable and unending suffering. Do you ever feel alone here on earth? Well that won’t hold candle to the aloneness you will feel in hell…and there will be no end.

There is One Way to salvation…and that’s through faith in Jesus Christ. God’s One and Only Prescription and His acceptable sacrifice for our sins.

That why I get sick and want to vomit when I hear pastors soft sell the Gospel message…or worse say that all roads lead to God. Those pastors who want to entertain and capture the “seekers” rather than build up the body of Christ by teaching the uncompromising Word of God.

The lies of enemy are abounding in this world. Prominent, well respected people are deceived and spreading lies and denying Christ. Oprah Winfrey is promoting “A Course in Miracles” which denies Jesus Christ is God incarnate and the only way to salvation. If the Bible is true…then “A Course in Miracle” is nothing but a lie from the pit of hell. An effective instrument used by Satan to take more people to hell with him.

Which are you going to believe?.

Pastors…are you going to teach the Word of God and equip your people to know the truth of the Word of God so that they can recognize the lies of the enemy even when it’s cleverly and attractively packaged?

In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge: Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” – 2 Timothy 4:1-3

Beth Moore says that her salvation is scandalous. My salvation…is miraculous.